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Systems Analysis and Design [BSA/376]

July 27, 2010

Work-Related Task Analysis, Part 2 Paper This section of the paper is targeted on the Systems' Architecture and process design, in terms of data, processes, extremite, and networks. Created chart and layouts represent the game explained in this posting. When finished, this part of the paper should certainly display the solution for resolving the issue of the accountings systems' poor checking of transactions and repair repairs. Poor Tracking and reduction In Protection Solution The situation involved poor tracking of transactions as well as some maintenance maintenance. To correct this issue a new design is produced. After screening the system with several types of analysis methods, the following designs to get a system proves as the optimal solution. Anatomy's Architecture Every single system's buildings largely permits or prohibits a anatomy's quality qualities such as functionality or dependability. This Accounting Transaction finalizing system's performance will depend heavily on the anatomy's input/output structures, data marketing communications architecture, and the efficiency with the system computer software (Satzinger, 2004). An account transaction processing anatomy's architecture need to support writing data with many clients, monitoring transactions, and many important support the organizational structure of business. Possessing the ability to access daily activity and provide quality service within an efficient method; makes place for good customer satisfaction. Also this newly designed system will eradicate wait coming back customers; many requests happen to be processed while the customer holds back. With this being the case, this structure contains scalability to handle high volumes...

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