We are the 99%

The Occupying Wall Street protest has been an ongoing protest since Sept 17, 2010. (Huffington Content – Pg. 1) They protesting think that the United States is being treated improperly with Financial inequality, high unemployment, greed, corruption, and financial services. Personally personally am torn between your two upon taking factors. I cannot find it in my cardiovascular to say which the single parents that only lost there job and can't nourish their family members deserves it. I do believe it is their own mistake. If the persons occupying Stock market put as much passion and devotion in to finding a job because they are putting in the movement, half of them would agree the fact that movement is non-sense. America of America is based after freedom. America is the fairest country inside the globe. The problem isn't getting treated unfair due to the sociable status, nevertheless jobs. Just how can someone find employment if you will find not any?

" Our company is the 99 percent. Our company is getting started out of our homes. We could forced to select from groceries and rent. Our company is denied quality medical care. Our company is suffering from environmental pollution. We are working long hours for tiny pay and no rights, in the event that we're operating at all. We could getting practically nothing while the other one percent is getting anything. We are the 99 percent. ” (Mediaite – Pg. 1) This is definitely one posting that I would hardly ever agree with. Some people are living in tents, pleading " the main one percent” pertaining to food or money, and merely attempting to replace the government. No matter what happened to multi-family real estate? What ever took place to govt housing to get the fewer paid? There are so many options that the government features to the Us. I feel like instead of working hard to make a living, some people will want to sit and complain.

Jobs can be a major issue in america right now. Who plans on changing that? No-one. The past two presidents have got attempted and failed, but is not miserably. The unemployment level in...