Hotels Demands

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Fundamentals of Hotel Mgmt


ProfessorLionel Jones Jr.

November 02, 2014

Lodging Demands

Chapter 1:

1 . There are 3 factors that influence accommodations demand. Precisely what are they and discuss in greater detail how they affect the demand? Inhabitants growth (Population Demographics, per textbook): The growth of human population is an important element that affects the hotels demand immediately, Survey info of business and delight travel claim that people above 45 years of age tend to be the most rigorous consumers of lodging (Stutts 2005). If the growth rate is higher, then it displays a positive sign in the hotels demand. Major domestic item (GDP) (Oil Prices, per textbook): GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT is also a very important factor. This is certainly explained by the simple fact that if perhaps GDP is high, then a spending potentiality of people could also in increase that also enhances the demand of lodging. Cost of air travel (Airline Ticket Prices, per textbook): The cost of flights is another essential aspect that affects lodging demand. This is because the fact that low cost of air travel appeals to the huge clients to consume the skills that impact the lodging demand absolutely, while the high cost of air travel facilitates the customers in order to avoid the consumption of hotels services (Stutts 2005). Consequently, it influences the accommodations demand adversely. 2 . By what amount of time in history performed the modern hotel industry emerge? What were the three surrounding factors and just how did they will impact the industry today? The modern hotel industry was emerging by different occasions in created countries and under expanding countries for their GDP. The emerging of model lodge industry was started in 1900. This is because that during the early 1900s, the industrialization was started out and the growth of GDP was in a positive course. On the other hand, to generate business contact and sell the products in different parts of the region, the people had been travelling from a single place to the other that increased the needs of luxury hotels because of their accommodations with the new places (Stutts 2005). The different factor was your needs of clients that not only influenced the motel industry during its breakthrough but also in today's business environment. The demand of customers to get luxury places to stay services has additionally forced the hotels to adopt the decisions that could fulfill the customers efficiently. Chapter two:

1 . Define and describe the difference between job teams and quality groups and how both might impact the determination of staff. Quality groups differ from job teams. The reason is , that inside the context of quality circles, the employees develop or recommend the process of quality improvements through collective way, while the function teams will be structured simply by an existing work process for taking critical organization decisions. Quality circle makes positive affects over the inspiration of employees as like work staff (Stutts 2005). But , inside the context of team, top quality circles enable the employees to produce their personal knowledge to enhance quality doing work of the firm, while during working hours team personnel do that work, which is decided by supervisors, administrators, personnel manager, or perhaps quality managers. 2 . Review centralization and decentralization and provide examples of types of hotels that might use each. Centralization and decentralization are depending over the making decisions style inside the hotel corporation and there is no hotel that is certainly totally centralized or decentralized. In the circumstance of central hotel, the whole decision will be taken by the senior administration or the top strategy company that gave you hotels including how to package customers, which services provides to clients, etc . Although in decentralized hotels, the entire decisions are taken by the first collection employees of hotels since they interact with the customers straight, and any sort of delay in decision making may possibly create discontentment in the mind of customers (Stutts 2005). Because of this,...

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