During World War II Japan attacked Arizona memorial and messed up many of our fleets and military. The decision about what to do to handle Japan was obviously a tough one particular. America built the right decision on dropping the atomic bomb upon Japan.

The atomic bomb was important in order to assure the battle would end as soon as possible. On August sixth the 1st atomic blast was lowered on Hiroshima, on august 9th another one was dropped in Nagasaki, and August 10th Japan declared its intention to give up. This is crystal clear proof that atomic bomb was a good way to end the war. Whether or not it do kill various people it may actually have wiped out less people then if we had kept the battle going for a lot longer.

Japan brought it upon themselves. Asia surprised us with a great attack upon Pearl Harbor. It was one of the worst things that could've been done. I was not wanting this to happen at all because Pearl Harbor is too shallow shed bombs into it so there were kept the vast majority of our fast there. The japanese invented a thing to go over part of the bombs in order that it would make this okay to get this done. Japan struck us hard very hard and we had to decision but to reach back with war. They will hit us harder in that case we could've expected in Pearl Harbor and they deserved a fantastic hard strike back.

If we didn't drop the explosive device on The japanese, then Asia would've completed something to us. Both of the countries needed frantically to have the various other one surrender. The warfare had been taking place for a long time and it wasn't going everywhere something radical had to be performed. It was better that it be achieved to Japan because that were there already hit us hard. If we experienced waited to enable them to drastically injure us then that would have cause for us to give up and for them to win the war. A lot of people would've died from that as well as even more although we would have been awaiting them to harm. Sometimes unlucky things happen from conflict. They may be sad but they could happen and it's not the wrong decision made by all of us the war was prevented in the first place...