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• a discussion around the general problem


1 . 1 Qualifications of the Problem 1 . two Overview of the Current State of Technology 1 . 3 Task Rationale



2 . you Problem Assertion 2 . two Proposed Research Project 2 . installment payments on your 1 Standard Objectives installment payments on your 2 . 2 Specific Targets 2 . installment payments on your 3 Range and Restrictions 2 . installment payments on your 4 Strategy From the job, " Pahina: Educational Function Playing Video game Based on Historic Philippine Literature” from STICaloocan: " Study regarding Ancient Materials in the Philippines is developed by most as within the coverage with the learned as well as the patient. Consequently, Philippine literature is considered like a course college students have to without doubt pass, yet rarely appreciated. This appears to be such a waste of your great heritage…This heritage in the Filipinos has to be passed on to the next generation, aid our past. ” " Educational online games are becoming a common mode of learning to get young children nowadays…. As it is, the majority of these educational nowadays As is game titles in the market will be geared pertaining to the young…Complexity of these games increases because the age of the kid increases. That is also the main reason educational video games targeted for the elderly set of teenagers to the young adults are rarely designed. ” " Presented with these types of developments, the proponents intend to propose to build up a game depending on the character types and situations found in the different literatures of ancient Thailand to curiosity the college registrants of STI Caloocan and provide them a means to interact with their own past. ”



3. 1 Calendar of Activities several. 1 . you Description of Activities 3. 1 . a couple of GANTT Graph of Activities 3. a couple of Resources 32 R several. 2 . one particular Hardware 3. 2 . one particular Software



some. 1 Recommendations 4. two Resource Person/s 4. a few Personal Specialized Vitae

Outline of the Task Proposal

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Outline of the Task Proposal

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IT Unique Project

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• the current alternatives being implemented and the complications with each of these • should cause the specific problem that the supporters intend to addresses

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• should speak about how locating a solution to the actual problem is useful

From the task, " Online CHED Scholarship or grant Monitoring with Inquiry Via Mobile Technology” from STI-Southwoods: From the project, " On-Line CHED Scholarship Monitoring with Inquiry By way of Mobile Technology” from STI-Southwoods: " The Scholarship Manager of CHED Region 4 manually watches the grant around the educational institutions covering their scholarship programs…. The current program are all done manually; as a result, takes a large amount of time and effort. You will find almost 3, 000 students around Region IV within 26 colleges and universities that the CHED Coordinator must ensure to keep track or perhaps monitor. ” " CHED Scholarship Monitoring and Inquiry via WAP is designed mainly for the benefit of the CHED Scholarship or grant Coordinator around Region 4 and each college/university scholarship coordinator….. The on the web system will be beneficial in monitoring the status amount of students with scholarship around colleges and universities in Region 4. ”

Describe of the Task Proposal

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Describe of the Job Proposal

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IT Special Task

IT Exceptional Project

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• • both in question type or as a declarative affirmation identified by simply answering problem: What is becoming solved with this research or project?

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General Targets • just one paragraph explaining the general goal of the job

Example trouble statement from " Pahina: ” Main statement: " To develop/design an educational and enjoyable role-playing video game (RPG). ”