Name: Section: SP1L-17Date: 2/26/11

Coulomb's Regulation: What is the charge over a charged pith ball?

Experimental Determination with the Electrostatic Power acting between two charged pith balls

Equipment: a pvc water pipe and fur or wool, a metric ruler, a protractor, two pith golf balls on a stand as in number 1 . The teacher can confirm the mass of your pith balls.

Procedure: Make sure the strings of your two pith balls are untangled as in number 1 . Make certain that the pith balls are neutral simply by rubbing them with your little finger. Measure the duration from the point that the strings can pivot on the stand to the middle of the ball and record it. Impose the pith balls according to the instructions given by your research laboratory teacher. If the pith tennis balls are completely charged equally (negative) they are going to noticeable repel each other.

determine 1 determine 2

[pic] [pic]

Make use of the protractor to measure the position between the two strings.

|Length with the strings, (l) |Angle involving the strings, (Оё) | |0. 18 meters |8 degrees

When the pith projectiles have reached their final billed position and therefore are at rest, what do we know regarding the pushes acting on them?

Name the force: ABS C

To look for the electrostatic power, label the vector picture below of the forces working on the pith ball.

1 . Using your vector diagram above, determine precisely Fe to Fg regarding Оё/2.

2 . Write a great equation intended for the electrostatic force around the pith ball in terms of perspective СІ/2 as well as the weight with the pith ball.

3. Compute r/2 (half the distance involving the two recharged pith balls) using the size (l) as well as the angle СІ/2. Then dual it to look for r. Captivate work.

4. Set the equation intended for Fe drafted in installment payments on your equal to...