Vivien Thomas

Occasionally in life you will find people who can overcome just about anything, and Vivien Thomas was an extraordinary person who proved it to be accurate. Thomas had overcome various obstacles in his life and none were easy to conquer. He had experienced many problems with being a medical doctor without effectively attending medical school, and he had also tackled the obstacle he had faced from your day he was born- discrimination. Although, while already explained, Thomas do overcome these types of troubles, and him overcoming these things were only an integral part of Thomas's amazing life.

On September 29, 1910, Vivien Big t. Thomas was developed in New Iberia, Louisiana as a boy of a father and the son of slaves (" Find). His family members then moved to Nashville, in which Thomas went to from Pearl High School, one of the country's top high colleges, and had graduated with respects. In 1929, Thomas lost his complete savings when a Nashville bank failed as he was getting yourself ready for college and medical school, leaving him with no economic support to get an education. In 1930, in dire dependence on a job, this individual took a position at Vanderbilt University being a laboratory helper with Alfred Blalock (Logie). Soon Thomas was working 16 several hours a day in the laboratory, carrying out operations on animals that will advance Blalock's studies of high blood pressure and traumatic shock, thus with Thomas's help Blalock found out a cure for traumatic shock (" Find). It absolutely was soon learned that Thomas got profound capabilities as a medical assistant and research associate, and his talents were therefore precise that in 1941 Blalock brought Thomas with him to Johns Hopkins and even set him on his research/surgical staff that worked well to discover a treatment to Blue Baby Problem which was a child was born which has a heart problem that offered little oxygen to the baby's arm making the child blue, although many problems arose with Blalock allowing for this (" Find). One particular large difficulty was that Thomas never did go to medical university and this led Thomas not to be allowed to...

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