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No average person

Trader Joe's is an American privately held cycle of grocery stores founded by Joe Coulombe. Trader Joe's have been good business to get long time using their unique innovative strategy of selling natural and organic food products with only one brand of an item for low price. Their unique culture of relaxed seashore environment and helpful educated employees makes their client to stay loyal to the brand. Eighty percent of Investor Joe's provides in-house goods that separate them via competitors and hard to imitate. Trader Joe's concentrate on young well-informed people who need to eat healthful for low prices. They can actually expand their very own business by investing in marketing, social media, loyalty- credit card program and building parking garages and gain larger broader market segment in food market. This also will make them competitive advantage over their competitors because they will have solid brand photo and be good over the long term.

SWOT Analysis

The strengths of Trader Joe's are selling organic & fresh grocery at low prices, launching new products for their stores usually and giving friendly customer service. Trader Joe's sell natural and organic food for cheaper cost than their competitors. They will buy in bulk one item rather than buying lot of similar items, which provides them competitive advantage over other grocery stores. Trader Joe's introduce 10-15 new products once a week and had special season products and; as a result customers liked trying fresh items and were getting best merchandise for as much time since stores experienced the products pertaining to. Trader Joe's employees had been knowledgeable, beneficial and cheerful, which produced them talk much better with customers and make a long lasting romantic relationship. This helped in Investor Joe's customers becoming faithful to the organization.

The weaknesses of Trader Joe's are shortage in social websites, low ad, and aimed towards small industry segment. Firstly, Trader Joe's didn't possess any connection with mass media about the...