The overdue Professor Fiske, in his Outline of Cosmic Philosophy, produced a very interesting remark regarding societies just like those of China, ancient Egypt, and old Assyria. " I are expressing, " he stated, " a thing more than a great analogy, My spouse and i am conveying a real homology so far as concerns the process of advancement, --when My answer is that these

areas simulated modern day European countries, much in a similar manner that a tree-fern of the carboniferous period lab-created the exogenous trees in the present time. " As long as this is true of China, it really is likewise authentic of Asia. The metabolic rate of the aged Japanese world was no a lot more than an hyperbole of the metabolism of the friends and family, --the patriarchal family of ancient times. Almost all modern American societies have been completely developed out of a like patriarchal condition: the early cultures of Portugal and Ancient rome were likewise constructed, upon a lesser range. But the patriarchal family in Europe was disintegrated centuries ago; the gens and the curia blended and disappeared; the originally distinct classes became joined together; and a total reorganization of world was little by little [230] effected, everywhere leading to the replacement of non-reflex for mandatory cooperation. Industrial types of society created; and a state-religion overshadowed the old and unique local cults. But culture in Asia never, until within the present era, started to be one logical body, by no means developed further than the clan-stage. It remained a loose agglomerate of clan-groups, or tribes, each religiously and administratively independent of the rest; which huge agglomerate was held together, not really by non-reflex cooperation, yet by good compulsion. Right down to the period of Meiji, as well as for some time after, it was liable to split and fall asunder at any second that the central coercive electrical power showed indications of weakness. We may call it a feudalism; but it really resembled European feudalism just as a tree-fern resembles a tree....