TO: Roger Bourret, Teacher

BY: Brian H. James, Student

DATE: May 16, 2013

SUBJECT: W3 Writing Task #3 Process Explanation


I am going to show you how to color your hair through the use of Kool-Aid. Ensure when using Kool-Aid, you don't utilize the pre-sweetened Kool-Aid, for it will make the hair extremely sticky. 1st, I am going to maybe you have put on hand protection to prevent discoloration. If you don't desire to wear gloves, be aware that your skin may discolor but that you may still eliminate the Kool-Aid coming from it and i also will have the directions on how to remove the Kool-Aid from the skin at the end of those directions. Avoid the use of the unnaturally sweetened kind, as the harmful chemicals might aggravate your eyes. You may need to work with more plans than advised here, with regards to the length of hair, and how deep you desire the color. Suggestions for suitable Kool-Aid matched to a hair shade change happen to be: Tropical strike is great for a brighter reddish colored, Cherry performs for a deeper red, Black-cherry mixed with blood works for any bright red, Mixing raspberry and grape can make a purplish red, Experiment with variations of your favorite Kool-Aid colors to create other hues. Second, right now add the Kool-Aid deals to a small bowl along with adding a small amount of water to the Kool-Aid and ensure the powdered dissolves setting up a smooth paste, not a the liquid. Next, add a few drops of moisturizing hair product to help the color from the Kool-Aid permeate the hair more consistently. Adding moisturizing hair product also helps to produce a paste, which is easier to manage. Once you are completed applying Kool-Aid to the hair, wrap the individual whose hair you're dying in towel(s) (or a garbage tote with a show to keep it in place) to prevent stains. Understand that Kool-Aid can easily stain textile, so use an old towel or cloth. Once performed coloring the head of hair, wrap the hair in several long strips of sandwich place. You'll in that case have to rest in this, so do a fantastic job! This step is important not just to protect your...