Produces High end Shoes & gear

Sports activities Fashion and Lifestyle Clothes & Shoes (New Colors & Designes, Driving Shoes or boots, Vintage Goods, buisness travelers wordrobe) Customized Shoes

Able to address dedicated market part needs (eg. Unstealable Bicycle) Weaknesses

High Cost Of production

Marketing Strategy targets lifestyle eventhough it continue to makes high end shoes & equipment Opportunities

Untapped Market segments in third world countries

A Worldwide move towards a much healthier life meaning increased athletics The Internet grow older gives a huger outreach


Tough Competition (Addidas, Nike & Reebok)

Decrease brand acknowledgement in comparison

Pumas Respond to the potential hazards imposed by its opponents was to goal untapped marketplaces in the form of creating products that address peoples' lifestyle. To do so it situated itself while an athletics company that produces good quality products with an edge, if that border is how trendy it truly is in terms of shades & style or just how appropriate you should a person's way of life. And this emphasizes this kind of by teaming up with designers, sports symbols and trendy car manufacturers.

Puma tries to treat the low brand recognition when compared to its opponents by recruiting teams in championships and tournaments. This kind of in my opinion is an extremely good way of proving its products are of high performance quality, however this could be lace-up with a level of understanding the cultural differences of each and every country.

Puma is also planning to address the 3rd world market segments by producing products focused on these countries; this is exemplified in the new edition shoe this designed with the UAE banner colors. However in my opinion any company targeting a brand new segment should have very good knowledge of the cultural really does and don'ts. While using a nation's flag colors about footwear could possibly be considered as a fantastic promotional stop in one county, it may not be considered as such within. In my opinion...