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Matthew Dotson

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July 22, 08

The impact of computer technology two

Offers computer technology enhanced our culture or experience it crippled our ability to function ethically? Software has affected the workplace and compromised the privacy leaving us revealed for unauthorized use of the personal identification. Our world is now less ethical and it has become very difficult to trust or perhaps determine what is usually authentic. Today we are fully living in a computerized community and we have lost the human component. Many companies include transitioned their information absolutely to personal computers and software applications that has shifted many persons out of jobs. We are completely based upon computers and our capability to do job on our personal has become limited. Listening to music has become really hard to appreciate today because of digital equipment that could enhance nicely give the impression of a superb artist once indeed it really is the computer. Computer generated music takes away the authenticity of the musician. Technology is necessary although has it exposed and occupied our level of privacy? In our society most every thing we perform requires the usage of personal information. The personal information inside the hands from the wrong person could be detrimental. The impact of computer technology a few

Hacking is usually unauthorized access to a computer system intentionally launching computer infections, according to (Baase 2008). Hacking continues to be one of the largest forms of robbery with millions of dollars being stolen annual. Hacking, for most early years would not have such negative impact on our world or was not taken as critical as it is today. Hacking in earlier years was glorified by small teens and even movies produced about it. Cracking has become a key component in identity theft today. For example my identity was stolen and a business consideration was opened with the mobile phone company Alltel. Upon obtaining correspondence the account was opened, three years later there was many measures I had for taking to start solving the problem. Contacting the authorities and submitting a police report followed by contacting the Federal Control Commission had been the initial actions. An avadavat stating the prices were not my own and calling the three credit reporting agencies were the next steps. The last step was to create a block in the social security number to prohibit any additional fraud. Upon taking all the steps necessary to clear my personal profile I am continue to faced with the battle of The impact of computer technology some

removing the info from my own credit report. In accordance to (Baase 2008), " Identity robbery affects thousands of people. It can affect a victim's life for years”. New-technology such as the net, cell phones, and global positioning program (GPS) products continues to trigger many risk to our personal privacy. Once personal information is usually entered within a database, this sort of purchasing a house, divorce, relationship, bankruptcy or foreclosure, these details becomes open public knowledge and easily assessable pertaining to fraudulent habit. In 2007 a major dealer TJ Maxx realized that their computer system was compromised while far back in 2005, launching personal information about customers. At first they did certainly not think titles and tackles were included however; afterwards realizing that information was revealed along with bank data. Cases similar to this make that very difficult to totally trust technology inspite of what developers say. It is crucial for individuals creating an online business to realize what information could be stored info while browsing. Downloading info is instrumental in illegal users attaining information The...


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