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Talk about the theme of pride in the play The CrucibleParagraph I actually (Introduction) 2. Definition of increased pride. 2. Brief synopsis of the enjoy. * Introduction to the main heroes. Paragraph a couple of (Body) * Reverend Blooming, example of take great pride in. Provide a quote, page quantity, and reason. * Result of his pleasure. Provide one other quote in the play, site number, and explanation. 2. Conclusion (was his take great pride in justified? )Paragraph 3 (Body) * Elizabeth Proctor, example of pride. Offer a quote, site number, and explanation. 5. Result of her pride. Give another quote from the perform, page amount, and description. * Conclusion (was her pride validated? )Paragraph 5 (Body) * John Proctor, example of take great pride in. Provide a offer, page amount, and description. * Consequence of his satisfaction. Provide another quote from the play, webpage number, and explanation. 2. Conclusion (was his pleasure justified? )Paragraph 5 (Conclusion) * Assess John Proctor to the other characters. 5. Decide whether his final act was one of extreme pride. * Tell how the title from the play pertains to the topic.

The Crucible Essay (Pride)

Pride, in its definition, is known as a high or perhaps inordinate judgment of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or perhaps superiority. The Crucible is actually a play authored by Arthur Callier based on genuine events that, in 1692, led to the Salem Witch Trials. These kinds of trials were a group of hearings before community authority to prosecute individuals accused of witchcraft. With this play there are many important heroes, but the primary characters and others with the many excessive pleasure are Reverend Hale, Elizabeth Proctor, and John Proctor.

Reverend Hale is usually an mental man who prides himself in his capacity to detect witchcraft, which was why he was referred to as to Salem. This offer is seen as an example of Hale's extreme pride in Act One particular, page 39 of The Crucible, " Don't have any fear at this point – we need to find him out if he comes among us, and I mean to crush...

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