The September 11 attacks had been a series of suicide attacks simply by Al-Qaeda upon the United States. Within the morning of the attacks 19 of Al-Qaeda's terrorists hijacked four jet airliners. The hijackers then simply crashed two of the airliners into the Cal king Towers worldwide Trade Center, killing everybody on board and many of those who were working in the buildings. Both these styles the structures collapsed within two several hours of the accidents. Because of the collapse nearby properties were damaged, even destroyed. The hijackers crashed the 3rd airplane into the Pentagon which can be located in Arlington, Virginia. Your fourth plane was crashed to a field near Shanksville in Pennsylvania after some of their passengers attempted to retake charge of the plane. Regrettably there were no survivors from any of the flights. Among the 2752 victims who have died inside the attacks for the World Trade Center were 343 medical personnel and 62 police officers from New York City. Over one hundred people were killed inside the attacks on the Pentagon. Nearly all casualties were civilians, including nationals of over 70 countries. There were also for least a single secondary fatality; one person was examined to have died coming from lung disease due to the dirt from the collapsed World Trade Center. The United States responded to the attacks by launching the " Battle with Terror”. Invading Afghanistan to depose the Taliban. A number of other countries also strengthened their very own anti-terrorism simply by expanding law enforcement powers. A lot of American share exchanges stayed at closed for the rest of the week following the attacks, and placed enormous deficits when reopening. Especially in the aircarrier industries. The destruction of billions of dollars worth caused serious harm to the economy of Lower Manhattan.