Recommendations Report to Minister of one’s and Normal Resources as well as the Minister of Foreign Affairs Essay

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IR 495 World Strength Politics Final Exam

Advice Report to Minister of Energy and Natural Solutions and the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs

" Ever since the Industrial Revolution, strength and the need to secure it's supply had been fundamental to the position of power in the world. "

In the very start of my own recommendation record, I would like to say something about importance of an energy being a full strategy for a certain country. With no energy creation or adequate resources we all cannot talk about about a development in certain country. Energy concern is also very important to dependency degree of a country to international methods; and because of the fact it truly is directly related to foreign insurance plan - and actually shaped simply by foreign guidelines.

As a connector state of Asia and Europe place, Turkey provides magnificence importance. She the two engaged with Middle Far eastern and Western cultures and this gives Chicken to exceptional position; whilst she produce connections between European countries, she also cannot ignore her Middle- Eastern friends and neighbors.

To displays the important of an energy, I will continue with Harry Kissinger's (Minister of State as well as the National Security Advisor towards the US President Nixon) terms; " Control oil and you simply control countries; control food and you control the people. " В ( Kissinger, April 1974).


This is Turkey's main Energy intake by resources ( % ), end of 2010. In this chart we see the substantial sum of gas and oil consumption. This kind of two options together reach the sixty one. 6 % of total Turkey's strength consumption. Unfortunately, Turkey uses renewable sources not efficiently, usage of wind-solar energy sources and hydro electrical power cannot certainly not exceed even 20% of total Turkey's energy ingestion. Turkey actually has a wonderful underground to use renewable energy sources due to her weather conditions but in fact facilities for usage of these kinds of resources would not developed enough yet. Alternatively, we should consider the more than import dependency of Poultry to Gas and oil as a 92% and 98%. As I stated previously, oil and gas had been most important part of Turkey's strength consumption and dependency degree of Turkey in terms of these sources are almost 100% and also this is a huge factor that shapes Turkish Foreign Insurance plan. As a extra level consumption, we also can see Hard-coal with 18, 7 percent and Lignite 12, five %.


Inside the graph over, we can see the Turkey's electricity generation simply by resources. Electricity consumption of Turkey by data of 2010 was 210 billion kilowatt-hours- which is really large amount of intake. Although, almost half of this consumption made by Gas with 45. 2 %. this substantial percentage of Gas usage on electrical power should be considered with Turkey's large international habbit for Gas resources. In the second place we can see Hydro power with 25. a couple of % and Lignite with 17. your five. Also Poultry generates electric power with hard coal, gas oil and other sources good results . low quantities. [pic]

According to EPDK Natural Gas Sector Report (2010), we can see the Natural Gas Imports of Turkey in the chart above. To start with scene, Large gas importance rate from Russia is visible ( 46%). Second place we encounter with another strategically essential country, Usa ( twenty one % ). Especially in the amount of cold conflict, Turkey chose to be in the United State's side which situation causes problems in relations and trade among two nation. Although, Chicken must remain strategic and vulnerable relations to keep stability between her trade associates. Iran also a problematic country about her relations and behavior toward Europe. Chicken also imports gas by Azerbaijan( doze % ), Algeria (10 % ), Nigeria ( 3 % ) and spot methods ( almost 8 % ). Azerbaijan and Turkey try to increase their collaboration with fresh projects although Russia actually do not want this improved collaboration because of her own rewards. [pic]

Inside the given chart above, there are gas import pipelines by...


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