Christine zaky

SSN 187

Prof. Miguelina Rodriguez.

I'm Christine Zaky. I are from Egypt, and i have been in the USA intended for four years. I am a second yr at lagcc, majoring in math and sciences. We am an entire time scholar and i have two jobs, i work as a educator assistant and a mind cashier within a restaurant too. i support a big family members consisting of 6 people. we work very very hard in order to help and support my big family. I am so blessed to do these hard work just to put a smile on my parent's face. My spouse and i work 6th days and i also only have Sundays off and i also spend that in church and the remaining portion of the day with my friends. i want to be an occupational specialist, i really need to achieve that objective. I love to assist individuals anywhere we go. My spouse and i serve at my Coptic orthodox church throughout Queens Ridegwood, and also i did previously serve in Egypt. I serve in Sundays college and try to support children. We am a choir member at my chapel, which allows and provides myself with the abilities I need to work with others on achieving a specific goal. I like helping other folks and try to support kids in several ways in respect to their demands. I see myself as a strong person that encountered so many hurdles for being the oldest girl. I entirely have a different sort of personality than my parents and siblings. I feel like i can handle any kind of situation and i also always love to be different than anyone else. i enjoy make friends anywhere i move and to connect with them for ever. Actually, we still have Close friends since we were in kindergarten. lastly, one of the topics which i really interested to discuss in class is FAITH ( Islam specific ) and how is Islam made? And so why Muslims people are killing Christian under the name of Allah (especially Egypt). It can my pleasure to meet this kind of a great teacher like pro. Miguelina Rodriguez.