Tyler Hyde

AP World History

Mr. Russom

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The Spartans and Athenians had some similarities although also some great differences. Athens was frequently changed due to their die hard democracy, although Spartan had a Cultural tradition like zero other. The Athenians worked on trade while the Spartans fought. Both equally were related on their religion. The Traditional city states have been in quarrels for years yet had to arise at some point to save their countries. Cyrus the truly amazing is arguably the greatest ruler of all time due to his compassion to get the world. 1) The Spartan's cultural custom was in contrast to any of its kind in Athens and even in the world. The teenagers of Tempas were eliminated at age 7 during Agoge for armed service training, and were an integral part of the army until grow older 60. War was the first and most important occupation like a man in Sparta, as well as the Art of war was your Spartan best. All other disciplines ere frowned on.

The Monetary basis pertaining to the Athenians was very secure. The traded grains, fruits and vegetables, as well as the grape and olive trees. The domesticated lamb and goats and made milk and wool from their website. They brought in from 50-80% of it is grain and the trade was very important to all their economy. The Spartans and Athenians were very similar inside their religious customs. They equally worshiped Zeus, Poseidon, Athena, etc . These types of Gods had been worshiped around Greece. Each city express had its very own local our god or goddess. Sparta experienced Artemis and Athens experienced Athena. 2) The Greek city claims were separated due to disagreements on government, military, contemporary society, land and resources. But they had to come out eventually. The states surfaced mainly because in the Persians aiming to take them over. The Persians would have conquered all of Portugal if it wasn't for metropolis states becoming a member of together. 3) Cyrus the Great has many lessons that can be discovered by how he reigned over. Whenever he'd conquer another civilization, he'd take in the culture and rebuild the town. He didn't...