Explanation of the Task

You will try to " sell” your Storyboard to executives of FMSS Network facilities. As the author of your own Storyboard, you will " pitch” the storyboard towards the potential manufacturers. The possibility of your storyboard becoming " picked out up” pertaining to production will certainly inevitably rely upon the creativeness and creative imagination of the sales hype.

As a part of the sales pitch, you are going to display, present, and make clear excerpts through your Storyboard.

Subtask #1

Planning and Outlining the Display

Each person will certainly produce a great Oral Display Outline.

Organizations will be given. These teams will help each other prepare for the oral sales pitches.

Subtask # 2

Rehearsing the Display

After the outline has been examined by the teacher, students should make important revisions, and examine the evaluation standards described in the Oral Demonstration Rubric

College students will practice their presentations in groupings and provide group members with feedback and suggestions for improvement based on the criteria for an effective oral business presentation described in the rubric

Subtask # three or more

Delivering the Presentation

Each person will have five (5) a few minutes to " pitch" their very own storyboard (including set-up time). I will be by using a timer to keep track of the time. Markings for individual success will be recorded using the Dental Presentation Analysis Rubric

Make sure to employ the usage of presentation tactics as per our lesson in Presentation Skills

Storyboard Common Presentation Describe


Intro (30 sec)

Catchy Introduction (introduce your self and describe why you are here) Address the executives specifically

Reason of synopsis (2 minutes)

Summarize your storyboard (what happens in the storyboard)

Persuasion/Arguments (2 mins)

Argument one particular

Argument you: Why is your storyboard interesting? Does your storyboard have a thing that other...