How does Dickens criticize life during the Victorian times in the book " Great Expectations"? Dickens uses epigramme to show the reality during Even victorian times. What are three facets of society, which in turn Dickens satirizes? Three facets of society, which will he satirizes, are friends and family, the class system and education.

The 1st aspect of society, which Dickens satirizes, is definitely the family. In Mrs. Joe's household, it can be evident that she is in charge and Joe truly dislikes her. This can be ironic mainly because during the 1800s, the husband usually empowers the wife. As well, Dickens criticizes child abuse in the Pocket or purse family and Mrs. Joes's. In the Bank family, the youngsters are uncared for and put inside the possession of un-pitiful nurses. The children have to depend on each other pertaining to love and safety. In Mrs. Joe's household, kid abuse is usually shown throughout the way Mrs. Joe's goodies Pip. Your woman beats Pip with the " tickler", a cane that is used for treatment purposes, and in addition shows simply no love to get him. Dickens's criticism of family is evidently shown through this novel.

The second aspect of contemporary society, which Dickens satirizes, is the class program. Dickens usually portrays complex people with bad qualities and common people with good qualities. Estella is among the a sophisticated person with negative qualities. Estella is proud and inappropriate as shown through Pip's remark, " I think she's very proud" (55). However, an example of a common person is definitely Joe, who will be portrayed to become a loving and sort character while revealed through Pip's review, " this individual [Joe] was a mild, good-natured, sweet-tempered, easy-going... dear fellow" (6). As well, Dickens shows how persons strive to end up being higher the class system. For example , Mrs. Joe uses Pip because an object when ever she carelessly sends him to Miss Havisham's in hope of gaining funds and becoming wealthier. The flaws of the course system are criticized through the entire novel.

Finally, the third part of society, which usually Dickens satirizes, is education. The...