Name: Resistors in Series and Parallel

Day: 17/7/05


The aim of this experiment is usually to compare the predicted and actual amount of resistance in a circuit of resistor combinations in series in addition to parallel.


A resistor is the component/device which includes electrical level of resistance. Resistors can be utilized in electrical circuits to get protection of components, voltage division or perhaps current control. In an best resistor the resistance remains constant whatever the applied volt quality or current, or the price of change in the current (Resistor, 2005, Wikipedia).

Electrical amount of resistance is a way of measuring the ability of your object to oppose the passage of an electric current. The electrical resistance of an electric component is available by using Ohm's law. Ohm's law claims that the potential difference (voltage) between the ends of a conductor (e. g. a resistor) and the current flowing throughout the conductor happen to be proportional for a given temperatures (Storen & Martine, 2150, p221-226). This law can be written since: R=V.


The DANS LE CAS OU unit utilized for electrical level of resistance is an ohm. An electrical device that has an electrical amount of resistance of 1 ohm will cause a current of 1 amplifier to stream through this if a voltage of 1V is passed through it.

From previous scientific research it has been identified that the basic law to get resistors in series is definitely: Rseries sama dengan R1 + R2 & R3+Rn

It includes also been identified that the general law intended for resistors in parallel is

Rparallel =


From your formulas set by the Background on this report it could be seen the fact that total resistance of resistors in series can be found with the help of together the resistances of every component. It can also be seen which the total amount of resistance of resistors in seite an seite can be found by adding together the consumer reciprocals of every component's level of resistance and then taking reciprocal.


By knowing the individual resistor values we could accurately decide the total resistance of resistor combinations. Make sure you refer to the Results part of experiment for much more detail.


-Seven resistors

-12v electrical power pack


-2 alligator clips

-Small lengths of thin copper wire

-Circuit test (bread) board


1 . The circuit displayed in Diagram 1 (see Results) was set up making use of the appropriate electric parts.

2 . The 12v power supply was turned on and set to 6v.

a few. The amperage, voltage and resistance with the three resistor combinations (see results) within the circuit had been found, and also the total portions for the whole outlet by using the multimeter.

4. The voltage and amperage of each and every resistor was then located by using the multimeter.

Results and Calculations:

Plan 1: Outlet Setup

Desk 1: Resistor Values

All actual immunities obtained had been within the relevant upper and lower tolerance values stated above apart from the resistance obtained to get R4.

Prediction calculations:

Total Resistance (Equivalent to Resistor Combination 3) (See Graphic 1)

R total lower:

= 1847. 3 ohms

R total upper:

= 2319. 20 ohms

(The actual value should as a result be among 2319. twenty and 1847. 3 ohms. )

Resistor Combination one particular (See Graphic 2)

L lower:

sama dengan 245. 51 ohms

Ur upper:

sama dengan 271. 36 ohms

(Actual value ought to therefore always be between 271. 36 and 245. 51 ohms)

Resistor Combination a couple of (see Image 3)


R reduced: 1664. twenty-four ohms


R uppr: 1846. thirty eight ohms

(Actual value should therefore among 1664. 24-1846. 36 ohms)

Resistor Combination 3 (Equivalent to Total Resistance)

Refer to Total Resistance

Fresh measurements:

Data for Total Circuit (see diagram 1):

Amperage= zero. 01 amps Resistance= 2538 ohms

Volt quality from power = 6th. 04V

Picture 2: Resistor Combination one particular

Data pertaining to Resistor Combo 1 (see diagram 2):

Voltage= 0. 72V Amperage= 0. 01 amps Resistance= 270 ohms

Diagram several: Resistor Combination 2

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