Reproductive Health Issus Experienced by Teenagers and Small Products Composition

GEK1545 Mid-Term Assessment

Name: Loh Hui Xin

Matriculation No .: U061710N

Particular date of Distribution: 23/2/2009


The primary reproductive health problems faced simply by adolescents and young adults happen to be Sexually Sent Infections (STIs) such as gonorrhea, syphilis, Assists and Chlamydia and unnecessary pregnancies. The primary issues stated previously are mainly faced by youth adults in developed countries. It really is reflected by increasing prevalence of STIs and undesirable pregnancies between youths in developed countries such as Singapore (" Teen sex like a health issue”, 2008). The globalization of Western values about sex and marital life, lack of parental guidance and peer pressure led to raising liberalizations of beliefs regarding sex and earlier sexual acts among more youths. The suggested means of addressing these types of problems can also be discussed. a) Globalisation of Western Values and Change in Attitudes towards marriage

The change of beliefs regarding sexual activity could be caused by the globalization of undesirable Traditional western values about sex. These values are usually spread by the mass media. As an example, Western famous people such as Paris Hilton published her sex video with her boyfriend online that attracted the attention of the mass media and the younger generation. The TV stations in many countries also broadcast American TV series just like Sex as well as the City and Friends which stresses the enjoyment of unshielded, at risk pre-marital sexual over the potential drawbacks from it. The negative influences in the media may lead to youths thinking that having sexual intercourse just before marriage is decent (Study links teen motherhood, racy TELEVISION SET, 2008). Subsequently, some young ones experiment with unshielded, at risk sex plus some become pregnant or infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

Alternatively, the attitudes of youth adults towards marital life had changed. Youths today do not look at marriage with the same degree of importance his or her predecessors and less misjudgment against to not get married (Martin, Specter, Matn & Matn, 2003). Therefore , more persons including youth adults feel that to become alarmed to avoid sex prior to marriage. Hence, premarital sexual becomes more ubiquitous and the reproductive health mentioned above occurs. (b)Lack of Parental Oversight and Assistance

Father and mother in designed countries today are often preoccupied with operate to spend period with their kids. Hence, that they neither include time to inculcate desirable principles and philosophy about sexual in their kids, nor to supervise what their children do with their colleagues outside. In the event that teenagers observe television programmes that supporter risky sex behavior with no guidance from other parents, they could believe that having unprotected premarital sex is usually permissible and safe (Study backlinks teen being pregnant, racy TV, 2008). Several teenagers search for information on the internet to satisfy all their curiosity about sexual intercourse, which may be unreliable (" She Googled to find out about sex”, 2008). As a result, if that they choose to be sexually active early, they may turn into victims of infections and unwanted pregnancy. (c)Ignorance of reproductive health and contraceptives

STIs and unnecessary pregnancies be common among youths because of the lack of understanding of the male and feminine reproductive systems and preventive medicines (Chong, 2008). As a result, they cannot take virtually any precautions. A lot of youths maintain wrong philosophy that a feminine is barren, sterile in the starting years after their menarche (Hatcher, Stewart, Stewart, Guest, Schwartz, Williams & Oakley, 1985), thus they do not have any safeguards against pregnancies or STIs. Some youths hold wrong beliefs about contraceptives or perhaps do not know how to use them properly. Some young ones wrongly believe male condoms reduce the delight of love-making. Actually, condoms can delay premature ejaculation (Hatcher et approach., 1985) and do not reduce the pleasure of sex. Newer types of male condoms are mixed with spermicides that kill sperms and they are highly effective in preventing pregnancies and...

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