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Of Practicum 1

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Michelle Rose M. Juadiong, MBA

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Dorothy Mae S. Acapulco

06 28, 2012

1) Define Intimate Harassment and what are the 2 type of these kinds of? Unwelcome lovemaking advances, needs for intimate favors, and other verbal physical conduct of a sexual nature when: * Submission to such execute is made both explicitly or perhaps implicitly a term or perhaps condition of could be employment, or perhaps

* Submission to or perhaps rejection of such carry out by a person is used being a basis pertaining to employment decisions affecting such individual, or perhaps * This sort of conduct has got the purpose or perhaps effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's operate performance or perhaps creating an intimidating, hostile, or questionable working environment.

Two types:

QUID PRO QUO HARASSMENT - can be when career and/or work decisions pertaining to an employee are based on that employees' acceptance or perhaps rejection of unwelcome sexual behavior. For example , a director fires an employee because that employee will not go out with him / her. HOSTILE WORK PLACE - is known as a work environment developed by unwanted sexual habit or tendencies directed at an employee because of that employee's sex that is offensive, hostile and/or daunting and that negatively affects that employee's capability to do his or her job. For example , pervasive unwelcome intimate comments or jokes that continues although the recipient features indicated that those behaviors are unwelcome.

2) From what you've observed in the movie, what specific action and established if it is Hostile or Quid Pro Quo. In the motion picture entitled North Country, it can obvious there is a INHOSPITABLE WORK ENVIRONMENT. Had been women will be sexually stressed by the guys that works in the Pearson exploration company. These people were...