п»їJustin MacMillin

Mentor Pomerantz

Legal Studies 39D

20 Might 2013

Final Exam: Benton vs . Links and Carter

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The case presents for the court two separate functions from Benton State School in the city of Benton in Asian California. This year, three learners founded a chapter with the Fundamentalist Chapel of the Other Day Saints (FLDS) in Benton. These types of students included Chris Links, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, and Onika Tanya Maraj. Bridges and Germanotta were legally hitched in the express of Arizona; Bridges and Maraj might not have a legal state recorded relationship. In accordance the doctrine in the FLDS, Links regarded Germanotta and Maraj both as his " wife” (Pomerantz, pg 1). Although Bridges searched for to be legitimately married to both Germanotta and Maraj, California legislation prohibits him from accomplishing this. Bridges sent applications for a marriage license at the office of the clerk of Benton and was rejected the license. Bridges become a huge hit, and denied again. Links looks to our court to determine whether this individual should be naturally a marriage license for him self and Maraj.        The different defendant can be Shawn Corey Carter. Carter was found guilty of violating Section you and Section 2 with the Benton Anti-Harassment Resolutions (the " AHRS”). Sections you and 2 are the following: Section one particular: " Whoever places on public or perhaps private home a sign, producing, symbol, target, characterization or graffiti, with the intent to frighten or endanger another person, commits a class A misdemeanor. ” (Pomerantz, pg 3).

Section 2: " Whoever addresses or goes together on community or personal property together with the intent to arouse anger, security alarm or resentment in others towards a person, based upon that individual's race, creed, marital status, religion, lovemaking orientation, or perhaps gender, commits a class A misdemeanor. ” (Pomerantz, pg 3).

Carter organized a KKK phase at Benton State University. In the city of Benton there is also a public area of common gathering known as " The Square”. The majority of the house on " The Square” is owned or operated by the city of Benton. On April 15, 2013, Carter posted and distributed a flyer within the BSC campus stating: " JOIN OUR RALLY

PERIOD: April 25th, 9: 00 P. Meters.


PURPOSE: PROTEST THE PRESENCE OF THE FLDS AT BSC” (Pomerantz, pg 3) Moreover to Carter's actions for the Square, this individual and the associates of the KKK posted flyers on the dorm room doors of Bridges, Germanotta, and Maraj publishing " When Polygamists Die, Goodness Laughs”; " God blesses those who have an vision for an eye”; " We live by the Bible and we will always be blessed” and " We will deal with the polygamist agenda—by any kind of means required. ” The reality state: " Each hazard was designated ‘Brought for you – and that we mean you – by the BSC KKK” (Pomerantz, pg 3).         On the day of the protest, BSC students, Benton residents, and associates of the BSC KKK all participated. Carter distributed pictures of Bridges, Germanotta, and Maraj, denouncing them " Satanists” and arguing, " polygamy can be an crime before The almighty and should always be punishable simply by death” (Pomerantz, pg 3). The rally agitated others who angrily expressed intention of imposing harm upon Bridges, Germanotta, and Maraj. After the masses chanted " Act now or forever were lost, ” Carter " hung an effigy of Bridges on a long adhere, poured kerosene on it and lit it” (Pomerantz, pg 3). The crowd after that expressed clear intent to find Bridges, Germanotta, and Maraj with intent to harm.        Bridges, Germanotta, and Maraj possess claimed that the Benton clerk's denial of the marriage license for Connections and Maraj is a infringement of Because of Process and Equal Safeguard. It is the job of this court to decide whether their state is true. In addition , Carter offers claimed the AHRs for which he has been arrested happen to be unconstitutional on the face, and claims his speech and actions had been constitutionally safeguarded. It is also the job of this court docket to the two determine if the AHRs happen to be constitutional and if Carter served within his constitutional privileges.        The Benton clerk's denial of...