Essay on Inventory Program Sample

CHAPTER I actually

The Problem and its particular Settings

1 . Introduction

Grocery stores will be established mainly for the retailing of food. A grocer or the owner of the grocery store, stocks and options different kinds of foods from different places and cultures, and sells them to customers. Significant grocery stores that stock goods in their inventory, such as clothing or home items, these are known as supermarkets. Small grocery stores that mainly sell fruits and vegetables will be known as produce markets, and small food markets that mainly sell snacks and sandwiches are referred to as convenience stores or delicatessens. Manual Inventory System involves most concerns within just its ventures, on how the staff would be able to conserve the current position of their products on hand, whether adding, deleting, and ordering a stock, the manual process eats too much time to get the staff and rigid a chance to process a transaction Yearly, the demand pertaining to the computer structured systems intended for the businesses simply keeps on growing. Corporations have increased their outdated system to get ease of work in accessing data files and arranging records. Transforming their aged system into a much successful computerized program, this will have a great influence on the organization; this kind of also helps relieve the work towards the staff preserving the inventory.

This kind of contains the proposed inventory program for a store. It contains diagrams, data moves and flowcharts that illustrate on how the system flows. The proposed program utilizes the easiest method to organize the database type of system and improve the solutions of the people involve.


Based on the data accumulated from Mrs. Adelwisa F., manager in the Store, unveiled some of their challenges on their current inventory program. Usually the employee tasked to keep up the inventory is being managed manually. This is a very confusing process and is also very susceptible to human mistakes, after noticing their regular business operation, we have identified several problems: 1 . 2 . 1Is there a useful way to keep up such data? After research we subtracted that only One particular (1) worker can manage their products on hand system, due to its complicated treatment. Having a more user friendly system will help the different employees to handle such records, provided if the said employee will undertake briefing ahead of taking over the management of the said records.

1 . 2 . 2Is there a way to eliminate individual errors which might occur in every single inventory sign? Their inventory log is performed manually; as a result manipulating this sort of data can be very confusing and may often have mistakes, especially in cut-off times, where they will needed to suggestions inventory on time.

1 ) 2 . three or more Is there a way to establish a good data secureness from not authorized access? Their particular inventory record can be altered manually, and can be easily seen by various other employees, as a result having a safer database will offer them the right protection their system justifies.

1 ) 2 . four Is there a approach to track products on hand stocks immediately and swiftly? Occasionally every store will have to order fresh stocks of merchandise consequently having a listing tracking program will alert them on the stock item's reduced share limits.


After consecutive interviews and remark, Mrs. Adelwisa F. revealed that their store does not have a dependable inventory system and that their particular store is really requesting to get an inventory program that will fit their adequate requirements. Furthermore, as for the complete system on its own they just do the work circulation process, every single inventory record and monitoring manually.


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1 . 4. 1 . you The primary target of this example is to create a user-friendly, flexible, easy to preserve, and effective...


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