Background Theory

The usual equation for testing electric current flowing through a series is I = V/R. The current going in a series is affected by the volts and the resistor that is also creating the series. Electric current can be described as flow of electrical charge through a conductive channel. These fee is in a form of moving bad particals in a cable. The DANS LE CAS OU unit intended for electric current can be ampere (A) and can be scored by using a device called ammeter.

Enhancements made on temperature can transform the current holding capacity of a conductors. Since we know that difference in temperature could make the conductors expands or contracts. That is why the difference in temperature can adjust the conductivities of a conductors, that is why there is a possibility which the current will likely affected by the change in temperatures. Research Issue

What is the relationship between heat and electric current of a series? Hypothesis

While the heat goes larger, the electric current will lower since an increase in temperature will certainly decrease the current carrying capacity for conductors. Factors

•Independent: The temperature from the conductor, plus the direction with the current (parallel or opposing each other) •Dependent: The electric current circulation through a line

•Control: The length and diameter of a wire

Experiment Design and style

Material and Equipment


•4 units of wire with ca?man clip

•Digital Meat Thermometer

•2. 0 Ω Resistor (4)

•6v battery

•Hot air blower

•Ice bunch

Types of procedures

1 . Make different heat of each units of cable to vary, to create hot utilizing the how atmosphere blower. Make it cool putting it into the ice pack. 2 . To gauge the temperature of the wire, wrap the wires around the tip of the digital meat thermometer 3. Record each pieces of wire temperature

some. Connect a sets of wire with all the alligator show to make a series circuit with 2 . zero Ω resistor, Connect that to a 6v battery to generate a series outlet. 5. Put the ammeter for the...