Persepolis Music Assignment

Kyle Andersen


If someone came into our country and started play music that denounced freedom, sports, and Christianity would many Americans be genuinely offended? The answer for this question is likewise the answer to as why the ruling party in Iran inside the 1980's restricted all music that travelled against the concepts of Islam. The Muslim religion denounces drugs, adultery, alcohol, gambling, renouncing Islam, and the ingestion of specific animals. Throughout the 1980's, American music encompassed and marketed most of the designs that Islam disapproves of. This is a simple choice as to why a song like” Love within an Elevator” simply by Aerosmith would be banned simply by Iran because it displays images of betting, partying and fornication/adultery. Inside the first stanza, Steven Tyler opens the song discussing working for the boss and " bettin' on the dice I'm tossin' (Oh sure! )”. The singer is obviously unhappy regarding his working situation and references betting in a metaphorical sense showing he is risking a lot. Islam does not approve of gambling because gambling requires the property of an specific without a simply reason which act would hinder Muslim societies coming from economic growth. Even if inside the song it can be gambling inside the metaphorical perception, it would continue to offend virtually all Islamic people today belonging to the time. In the usa, Gambling is a common past time process of many men and ladies and they will be shocked to hear that this hobby is completely suspended in multiple foreign countries.

The questionable theme that truly sticks out with this song may be the act of fornication and adultery. In Islamic tradition, Adultery is punished simply by death simply by stoning or one hundred eyelashes among single people. As well these acts of coitus don't even have to be confirmed to be punishable. Sexual themes will be such a taboo in Iran that girls must legitimately wear a veil to hide their hair as to not arouse men. For this reason, the song " Love in an Elevator” can be number one among the list of forbidden...