Democracy in Bangladesh: Via Crisis to Sustainability

Haider A. Khan


The key purpose of this paper is to examine the problems of democratization in Bangladesh in light of the crises of governance in that country nowadays. The theoretical framework is actually a somewhat story theory of deep democracy from a political and social economic climate perspective. Yet , the major emphasis is upon understanding the challenges of democratization in Bangladesh concretely because of the theory. The theory of deep democracy makes a variation between formal aspects of democracy and the more deeply structural factors. In order for democracy to be deep, democratic practices have to turn into institutionalized so that they become a part of normal existence in a democratic society. Group conditions intended for deep democracy include both cultural-political and socio-economic conditions. Clearly, also formal democracy has best case scenario been vulnerable in Bangladesh and politics crises possess endangered possibly this simple prospect nowadays. However , interpersonal and politics resources can be found within Bangladesh to make a feasible attempt at fixing formal democracy and to take further steps to strengthen and deepen democracy there. With out underestimating the down sides, the conventional paper outlines an organized agenda for future years. Introduction In times of crisis, there is certainly an almost amazing temptation to create pessimistic prognoses. Such negativity is associated with an attitude that may be supposed to expose a hard went realist‘s way of the untidy world of politics and economics. However , most of the hand wringing and dreadful predictions do not rely on anything beyond a generally darker and depressed outlook. Unfortunately, if there is enough darkness of outlook amongst large numbers of people, the dreadful predictions can become self-fulfilling. To avoid such misfortune, a sober, analytical strategy that makes the best humanly possible attempt to take into account every side of a complex catastrophe is necessary. Also, it is useful to glance at the present in lumination of reasonable social scientific theories and an adequate traditional perspective. This kind of short article cannot provide you with the depth or breadth that is to be necessary to manage the crisis of democracy in Bangladesh in all its numerous details. However , it will produce a serious and sincere attempt to alert the readers to the above two requirements of a realistic analysis from the problems by offering enough details to suggest solutions which will be viable. The great American philosopher John Dewey reminded his audience several years ago the problems of democracy require more, not fewer democracy. Dewey was composing at a time of deepening crisis in post WWI Western world when fascism was harmful democracy in an ominously intense and partisan manner. Like Dewey, Let me argue on this time of burial plot crisis in Bangladesh that what we will need and can work towards is a much deeper form of democracy in Bangladesh. Since other folks have already created informatively regarding the current condition, I will not really spend much time on this data. Rather, I will ask the question: what are the deepest origins of the current crisis? Based upon at least a partly adequate answer to the question we are able to move forward to at least a partly adequate remedy. But before engaging in such an evaluation it is important to remind themselves of a number of the underlying strengths of Bangladeshi society, at the same time people hopelessness, or perhaps especially as they give up hope. The main aim of this newspaper then, is always to offer a great analysis with the deepening problems of democracy in Bangladesh that can contribute towards building a movement to get sustainable democracy in the future. I try to do this by drawing upon and applying a somewhat book theory of deep democracy from a political and social economic system perspective. The theory of deep democracy provided here the distinction between formal aspects of democracy plus the deeper strength aspects. To ensure democracy being...