My last Duchess techniques:

First person narrative- this way we can see the possessive characteristics of the fight it out and his clouded opinion on his late wife. When he talks of her, the reader is able to understand the Duke's personality and values better. E. g. " Like she rated my present of a 9 hundred yr old name with anybody's gift”, shows the duke's materialistic values and judges objects by worth and status. Conversational sculpt: the fight it out mimics sounds, " merely this or that in you disgusts me”, fake modesty " Even had you skill In speech—(which I have not), in order to make the horrific events that have occurred seem only interesting and unavoidable. Language choice- this kind of shows the reader how the Duke felt about things and people, for example , this individual mentions that his overdue wife must be " disciplined” and " lessoned” making us connect her to a dog or perhaps other inexperienced creature. Symbolism- The duke uses the symbolism of Neptune and a Sea horse to echo how he feels about himself and his wife. He displays he feels he provides godlike characteristics, which is arrogant in itself, and compares his wife for an animal, because shown recently (though slightly more subtle). This shows the reader the lack of value he offers for women and just how highly he values him self. Enjambment- makes the reader feel as if the Fight it out is building himself up and driving himself even more into these kinds of compulsive revelations, e. g., " Oh yea sir, the girl smiled, without a doubt, Whene'er My spouse and i passed her; but who passed with little the same smile? This grew; I gave commands; in that case all happiness stopped with each other. There the lady stands Like alive. M and rhyming- The talk is created in iambic pentameter and uses an " AA, BB, CC” rhyming design, which, because of the strong formality, gives the target audience a sense of how controlling and arrogant the Duke is usually.