The Muscle System: Bone Muscle Tissue

1 . Fill in the functions of the three muscle types:

|Muscle Type |Cardiac |Skeletal |Smooth | |Shape of cell |Branching Cell |Elongated Cell |Spindle Shaped Cellular | |# of nuclei |Single Central Nucleus |Multiple Peripheral Nuclei |Single Central Nucleus | |Striations |Visible |Visible |Lack of Obvious | |Control |Involuntary |Voluntary |Involuntary

2 . What attaches muscle tissues to bone fragments? Tendons.

a few. The whole muscles is composed of muscle cells (fibers) grouped in bundles known as Fasicles. 5. Name the connective muscle coverings adjacent the following: Entire muscle-Epimysium


Muscle cell-Endomysium

5. Meet the following three terms using their definitions:

Sarcolemma-plasma membrane of muscle cellular

Sarcoplasmic reticulum- plasma membrane of muscle cell Cytosol- intracellular smooth around organelles

6. Meet the following three terms using their definitions:

Airport terminal cisternae- part of sarcoplasmic reticulum—stores calcium ions T-tubules- component to sarcolemma—carries action potential Triad- T-tubule + 2 airport terminal cisternae

several. Myofibrils include contractile proteins called myofilaments. Name both the types and what they're composed of:

Skinny filament consisting of protein actin

Thick filament composed of necessary protein myosin

almost 8. Arrangement of myofilaments. Give the letter identity of each group: Dark band ( A band

Lumination band ( I band

Match two definitions with each music group:

I Band - consists of only slender filaments

A Band- consists of both solid and slim...