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Teacher: Ms. Hollander

D 3. Write

Exactly what are the advantages and drawbacks of living alone? How can living exclusively or managing other people impact your mood or behavior? Is usually living exclusively something that is acceptable for you? For what reason or why not?

The advantages of living alone are that you feel more at ease being influenced by yourself, simply no sense of control, and free. You can apply whatever and however you wish, keep items in the buy you wish, and no a single will judge you. For instance , wear anything you want, watch your favorite channel and listen to music as loud as you wish, without one will certainly complain about this. The disadvantage of living by itself is that that gets gloomy from time to time. Possessing a partner or possibly a roommate is really helpful in various situations. One of the examples, in the event you fall ill you will see someone who will take care of you. Another case in point is that you will have company when watching TV, cooking food, or dinning together. However there are various kinds of people, a few prefer living alone and it doesn't acquire boring or depressing on their behalf, others like to live with someone and be pleased with it.

People who live alone tend to be angry, lonely and depressed. Therefore , all their mood can be not always very good. People who live with other people most of the times would be happy. It is because there is always an individual they can talk to, discuss, and be around with.

Living alone for me is appropriate, for now. I do think that is because now is the perfect stage around me, where I have to live by itself for a bit. Discover ways to be influenced by myself, result in the actions I do, and feel free.