Motorola – In Pursuit of Six Sigma


External and internal Factors: Motorola is a very huge electronics company based in Schaumburg, Illinois. We were holding founded in 1928. Following founder Paul Galvin perished in 1959, his son Robert stepped in as CEO of the business. Motorola was quite good at that time; however , things transformed drastically within the next 20 years. Statement with the problem: Motorola was in critical trouble by early 1980's. Competitors just like Texas Devices, Toshiba and NEC were knocking Motorola out of the market. Motorola was also shedding sales because of their decreasing amount of customer satisfaction and poor merchandise quality. These factors developed dilemma for newly designated CEO Robert Galvin.

Conceptual Research

Organization Theory and Concepts: Galvin required to develop a long term strategy for Motorola. He had already learned the value of anticipating future marketplaces, a lesson he would remember. Assumptions: It did not consider long for Galvin to realize the direct hyperlink between satisfaction and top quality. He made the decision it was moment for Motorola to commit by itself to getting more alert to customers and to improving the quality of its products and services. He directed that most functional areas at Motorola were to attain Six Sigma by 1992, effectively getting rid of defects.

Alternatives and Remedy


1 ) Focus on Motorola's customer service department to improve overall customer satisfaction. 2 . Improve Top quality – many Motorola management had visited numerous industrial facilities world-wide and located that the Western had plants with quality performance 500 to 1, 500 times a lot better than Motorola. This could be a key place to focus on. several. Introduce and implement Half a dozen Sigma strategy

Solution and Rationale: The very best alternative pertaining to Robert Galvin and Motorola would be quantity 3. 6 Sigma is a comprehensive and flexible system for achieving, preserving, and making the most of business achievement. Six Sigma is exclusively driven...