Master Dissertation

Significance of the Issue

The importance of the problem lies into:

Pointing out the missed possibilities with this limited utilization of E-commerce pertaining to: Government: Enhancing exports, GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT, competition, lowering traffic complications and obtaining opportunities intended for small entrepreneurs. Retailers: Better customer checking, lower set and detailed costs, investing 24/7, allowing for global development, easy to start the business and tuned funds collection. Clients: Faster peruse, informative search, convenient purchasing at any time and better evaluation between goods. Adding new information which will explains the situation and its causes. Paving the way for further studies to find some practices and solutions to handle the problem and overcome it.

Literature Review

Evolution with the Internet: [1]

By 2016, there will be three billion internet surfers globally – almost half the world's reputation – plus the Internet economic system will reach $4. 2 trillion inside the G-20 financial systems. The created countries internet population has grown by 32. 28%, as the developing countries has grown simply by 484% since 2005 and compared to the approximated in 2015. 100% in the internet connections globally were fixed in 2006, while it is usually estimated in 2015 that 78. 83% will be cellular connections and 21. 17% only will be fixed.

The Internet Economical Impact Globally: [1]

The net economy in the developed industry of the G-20 is approximated to develop at an gross annual rate of 8% above the next four years. GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT: [1]

In 2010, the internet offers accounted for 5. 1% of GDP in the G-20 countries. The internet provides accounted for an average of 4. 3% of GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT for developed markets. The world wide web has made up an average of several. 6% of GDP to get developing markets. Internet overall economy has noted 8. 3% of U. K. GDP in 2010.

Online Price tag: [1]

The web retail provides accounted for an average of 8. 5% of total retail in developed market segments in 2010. The web retail has accounted for an average of 3. 2% of total retail in developing market segments in 2010. The internet retail offers accounted for 23% of total retail in U. K. market this season. The online selling has made up 8% of total retail in Saudi Arabian marketplace in 2010. Small & Method Enterprises (SMEs) Growth Level: [1]

In every of the G-20 countries, the SMEs which uses intensive web are having a faster growth rate. In Turkey, SMEs designed to use extensive world wide web recorded a normal growth price of 17% while people who don't registered a growth level of -5% in 2010. In China, SMEs which use considerable web documented an average expansion rate of 25% when those who avoid recorded a rise rate of 9%.

B2C E-Commerce Talk about Worldwide by Region:

North America comes first with 33. 5% this year and is likely to be 28. 2% in 2016. [5] Asia-Pacific comes second with 30. 5% in 2012 and is expected to become the initial with 39. 7% in 2016. [5] Middle East & The african continent come on the last location with 1 ) 9% news and is anticipated to be only 2 . 3% in 2016. [5] Persia language contents account for regarding 1% of total net content. [9] Arabic speaking users account for about three or more. 8% from the total online users. [9]

The existing Internet & E-Commerce Situation in Egypt: [9]

Egypt's Internet overall economy represents E£15. 6 billion or 1 . 1% in the country's 2011 GDP. Internet penetration in Egypt at around 35% of the total population. Egypt is ranked as number 75 out of 85 markets online activities with respect to enablement, expenditure and proposal. The twelve-monthly internet development rate in Egypt was 12% before the revolution between 2009 and 2011. The annual net growth level in Egypt has quicker to 23% between 2011 and 2012. Egyptian Internet surfers have the greatest internet utilization in the MENA region, with users spending an average of 18 hours a week online. Egypt is positioned 80 out of 85 nations with regards to the amount of money consumers spend on the net. The online retails in Egypt are believed to be among 0. 2% and 0. 3% in the total retail. A...

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8. Maamoun, I., " Obstacles that Limit the Success of E-Commerce in Egypt”, Arabic British Schools for Degree, 2011.

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