Advertising Channel Method for DAB Incorporation.


Keneetha Dabney

A Marketing Plan Pitch Presented in Partial Finalization To

Dr . Jackson

Marketing Supervision: MKT 500

Strayer University or college

September 18, 2009


According to Wikipedia, " A marketing route is a pair of practices or activities required to transfer the ownership of products, and to move goods, through the point of production towards the point of consumption and, as such, which usually consists of every one of the institutions and the promoting activities in the marketing process. ” SPRINKLE Inc. will create a syndication or as well know while channel technique to convey the products. The role of DAB Incorporation. marketing route according to Wikipedia, " is links producers to buyers, performs sales, marketing and campaign, influences inventory and customizes profits, set up, maintain, provide credit. An advertising channel could be as short to be direct through the vendor for the consumer or may include many inter-connected (usually independent but mutually dependent) intermediaries such as wholesalers, vendors, agents, retailers. Each intermediary receives them at one particular pricing stage and goes it to the next higher prices point until it finally reaches the ultimate buyer. ”(Wikipedia) Developing Strategy

DAB Inc. works with numerous participants that add value to our products and services that consumers will purchase through the value chain. A value chain In respect to Woods " is acknowledged as a sequence if related, value-added, functions plus the composition of companies performing these to get the correct products to the right markets and customers at the most fortunate time place and price. ” When applying the string for Total Well-Being Day spa and Café we try to meet most demands to create our products available to consumers. However there are several channel and logistical issues that occur when ever developing a channel strategy. In respect to (Wood p112)

Funnel Issues

How do merchandise, data, and money flow through the value chain, and just how can participants...

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