|NOTE: These things do not necessarily have to be dealt with in the order/way here mentioned in your real speech. | |NOTE: Please type the questions plus your answers

Name: _______________

Topic: ________________

Day/Time: _____________

Purpose Assertion: The purpose of my own speech is to PERSUADE my own target audience that the Ford Mustang is a better car compared to the Chevrolet Camaro (type of claim)

Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: The purpose of my speech is always to persuade my target audience which the Ford Mustang is, and always has been, a much better car than its opponent, the Chevy Camaro. (policy)

1 . How can you attract/orient the audience to your Main Claim?

Ex: I will use an eye-catching picture that has both autos in it.

2 . How could you establish the relevance of the Main Assert for your AUDIENCE?

Ex: Everybody likes the Mustang plus the Camaro.

3. What particular characteristics from the audience would you like to VERBALLY DETERMINE to establish COMMON GROUND and to create a COMMON IDENTITY to suit your needs and these people? (use the " we" key)

Ex: We as youthful, health oriented college students and future parents might want to get a sports vehicle in the future. The Mustang and Camaro are undoubtedly two of the most common sports activities cars in the usa. I'm going to tell you which is the better acquire.

4. What question/general brief review will you increase IN YOUR LAUNCH which will target your viewers toward your primary Claim? (List at least three. )

Ex: Both equally cars are incredibly similar.

Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: The Mustang has been in development longer compared to the Camaro. Ex girlfriend or boyfriend: Which car is faster?

Ex: Which car can be described as better driving experience?

your five. How will you supply a sense of direction or structure for your audience to adhere to?

Ex: Let me preview my sub promises directly.

Former mate: I will alternative #4 pertaining to my survey...