The Critical Evaluation of Leper Lepellier In a time of warfare, people may experience many different posttraumatic tension disorders. Personality disorders and personality alterations are signs. These character changes prevent people via resuming the lives that were there before the injury caused by conflict. Not only are these claims evident between our World War II veterans, it is noticeable in David Knowles' A Separate Peace. The character of Leper displays this kind of characteristic after he leaves boot camp. In John Knowles', A Separate Serenity, the, minor character Leper, experiences a dramatic personality change, due to his disturbing experiences during World War II.

A Separate Peace is split up into three separate intervals; before World War II, During Ww ii, and after Ww ii. It is inside the pre-war setting that we are able to analyze Leper's mental state prior to war. Leper Lepellier represents a stringent meaning of the battle isolationist. He does this by keeping mostly to himself but not participating in-group activities. This is often seen as Leper having a classic outlook on life. " " В¦a soft-spoken, nature-loving boy, with an old soul" В¦" (Http: // Jansen 2 ). This is evident in Leper's absence in several of the son's activities. " He understood that the males at Devon were not usually very dependable, and absolutely he failed to want to take the risk of trying to always be friends with them. That could mean getting let down, and leper wouldn't be able to deal with that " ( Because the author in the book, A different Peace: The War Within just, Hallman Bells Bryant states, " On the day that gene and two-hundred classmates offer to shovel snow off the main Railroad tracks, everybody except Leper signs up. Instead, Gene activities him on a pair of classic touring skis, on his way to take pictures of pussy dams on the stream below the school, in order to understand better how the " beavers adapt to the...

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