Sydney Kruszewski

March 11, 2012


The Strange Case of Dr . Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Essay

In Stevenson's The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, he uses an allegory to indicate the two sides of humans: the good and the evil. Every human has a good and evil side that reside inside them; a lot of show it and some follow only acting on one for whole life.

Dr . Jekyll lives his life with certain urges that he cannot satisfy because of his own guilt. In order to accomplish these desires, he produces another kind of himself to behave on them: Mister. Hyde. Dr . Jekyll produces two different personas to behave out the good and well mannered plus the evil. When Jekyll detects that his second personality, Mr. Hyde, is becoming a growing number of evil, this individual cannot control him.

In the Victorian society, a lot of things were unwanted or looked down after. Because of this stiff societal parental input, it was hard for Dr . Jekyll to do something on all of his desires and needs. A lot of people living in the Victorian age group must have acquired some sort of other magic formula life because of the strict limitations of how to believe and how to action. Hyde indicated the freer, more all-natural man that Jekyll could never present publicly. He had to maintain a specialist, well mannered persona for the society he lived in.

The psychoanalysis lurking behind these characters reveals that within individuals, there is a portion that is suitable to contemporary society and a more spontaneous and various part living in the depths of the mind. This second persona is definitely thought to be presented through dreams or dreams. In the Even victorian times, there was a strict divide amongst classes. The low class participated in against the law acts the fact that high world was convinced to enjoy.

In the end, it had been Mr. Hyde who was capable of survive against society, although Dr . Jekyll fell.