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Urdu Press is a Patient of Reactionism- Prof. Rakesh Sinha We. II. III. IV. Sixth is v. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. XIV. XV. XVI. Urdu media's tirade against Rushdie Fatwa against Christian priests for conversion Thirty thousand Britons under the refuge of Islam Islamic missionary expelled from Sri Lanka Construction of Kadiyani Mosque stopped Women without Burqua not allowed in Saudi Arabic Rs fifty four lakh to Muslim guys arrested in Mecca Mosque blast case Fatwa against Surya Namaskar Demand for Muslim Reservation Nobody can get electrical power in Uttar Pradesh without Muslims Vicissitude attempted in Bangladesh Jamaite Islami targeted in Bangladesh Inciting public violence Corruption charges resistant to the son from the top leader in Iran What if you are a Muslim? New business office bearers of Muslim Mazlis Mishrawat

XVII. Opening of Israel consulate in Bangaluru was compared XVIII. Permanent accommodation to get hajis in Mecca XIX. XX. XXI. Are Muslims just a vote-bank? Shiela Dikshit: Enemy of Muslims Differences in Muslim Group

XXII. Muslim Unity is essential XXIII. Islamic Law XXIV. Islamic Functions will Constitute the Government in Egypt XXV. Israel can be worried about success of enthusiasts of Islam XXVI. Rahul Gandhi complies with Urdu Publishers

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1 ) 2 . a few. 4. a few. 6. several. 8. on the lookout for. 10. 10. 12. Urdu Times, Mumbai Editor: Abdul Rehman Siddiqui Dainik Inqalab, Delhi Editor: Sakil Samsi Akhbar Mashrikh, Delhi Editor: M W Haque Dainik Sahafat, Delhi Editor: Aman Abbas Rojnama Rashtriya Sahara, Delhi, Editor: Aziz Burney Hindustan Exhibit, Delhi, Editor: Ahmed Javed Hind Samachar, Jalandhar, Editor: Vijay Kumar Chopra Dainik Pratap, Jalandhar, Editor: Chandramohan Dainik Munshif, Hyderabad, Editor: Latif Mohammad Khan Dainik Siyasat, Hyderabad, Editor: Zahid Ali Khan Dainik Hamar Samaj, Delhi Editor: Khalid Anwar Dawat, Delhi Editor: Parvez Rahmani

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Urdu Media is actually a Victim of Reactionism

Secularism and democracy have been accepted by the group consciousness of India. The two things are connected with civilizational custom, which is their strength and id too. In every ups and downs; in favorable but not so favorable circumstances, famous community of India not allowed dedication to go down for secularism and liberty of appearance nor allowed any trouble for them. There exists a need to be careful so that this kind of side of civilization is definitely not deteriorate and does not become victim of internal disruptions. Also there is also a need to know, figure out and assess those propensities, forces and ideologies, which can be making them hollow, by taking the aid of secularism and provisions of Constitution. Certainly, the countrywide media can be expected to enjoy a positive role. The chinese language and software of newspaper publishers don't alter their nationwide responsibility. Regrettably a big number of Urdu press is attacking the collective consciousness. From this edition of analysis by the India Policy Groundwork, four main issues surfaced and came up forward. The foremost is the uproar in Kashmir and European countries over alteration. Hindu world is facing aggressive good posture of extremist forces for years and years. Before independence, when Mahatma Gandhi's oldest son was converted to Islam, Gandhi would not call it because change of heart nevertheless termed it as lies and make use of money. In 1922-23, there was forced transformation in Malabar. After independence, role of petro doller was exposed in the transformation of the weak, poor and downtrodden in Meenakshipuram. Christian missionaries had been continuously succumb to conversion activities. During Nehru's era, Niogi Commission was constituted to halt conversions but the report was put on back-burner under pressure by Christian missionaries. O. S. Tyagi experienced presented legislation in the Legislative house, in 1978, to quit religious conversion rates, which was known as an assault on the independence of minorities. Even the Group...

References: II Fatwa against Christian priests for conversion

According to Dainik Hind Samachar, about January twenty-one, 2012, Sharia court of Jammu and Kashmir granted a fatwa demanding a curb for the activities of Christian priests in the Pit

VI Girls without Burqua not allowed in Saudi Arab

As per the information reports released in Hyderabad-based Dainik Munsif, on January 4, 2012, the Shah of Arabic issued an order that Muslim females venturing out of their residences without Burqa is suspended

VIII Fatwa against Surya Namaskar

There were a media report posted in Dainik Inquilab upon January 12, 2012 that Muslim intelligentsia has granted a fatwa against Surya Namaskar by terming that as antiIslamic

XII Jamaite Islami targeted in Bangladesh

Dawat said in its January 24, 2012 issue that Jamait elizabeth Islami's former chief Prof

XIII Inciting communal violence

Sahafat provides published inflammatory news statement, on January 28, 1012 on it is front site that says restriction in offering prayer in a mosque in Older Fort although worship inside the temple proceeds