Ikemefuna relationship to Okonkwo is much like a father-son relationship because he really didn't care about someone else like he cared about Ikemefuna nevertheless he actually didn't need to act or show just like cared for him because it would make him appear soft or perhaps weak just like he could not be the person in charge. His thoughts of Okonkwo is the fact he had taken him beneath his side like a fatherly figure would do because he pleaded for his mother to let him seriously the way yet she was still being very uneasy about him going on the trips with Okonkwo. Also Okonkwo wife maintained him as if she was your son she had delivery too. Okonkwo thoughts of Ikemefuna will be that he's full of expertise such as that he knew many tales that the children have never heard before and he possesses skills like making flutes out of bamboo supports and placing traps for bush rodents. Ikemefuna relevance in the account is that the neighboring village offered him to assist him away with the things he need and to manage the children when ever.

Nwoye relationship to Okonkwo is that is definitely oldest child who struggles in the darkness of his powerful, powerful, and requiring father. His interests differ from Okonkwo and resemble more closely those of Unoka, his grandfather. Okonkwo thoughts of Nwoye happen to be that he can weak and carless. He undergoes various beatings, at a loss for how to please his father, before the arrival of Ikemefuna, who also becomes such as an older brother and teaches him a milder form of successful masculinity. Consequently, Okonkwo back off, and Nwoye possibly starts to get his grudging approval. Nwoye remains conflicted, however: even though he constitutes a show of scorning feminine issues in order to you should his dad, he yearns for his mother's stories. Nwoye thoughts for Okonkwo will be that he's masculine principles turns into real embitterment toward him and his ways. Once missionaries arrive to Mbanta, Nwoye's desire and beliefs are reawakened, and this individual eventually brings together forces with them. Although Okonkwo curses his whole lot for having in the mind so " effeminate” a son and disowns Nwoye, Nwoye appears to have located peace eventually in giving the oppressive atmosphere of his father's tyranny. Nwoye significance in the story is the fact he is the kid of the high and awesome man who may be to run the villages if the other people aren't in the community.

Ekewfi relationship to Okonkwo is his second better half, once the town beauty. Ekwefi ran far from her 1st husband to live with Okonkwo. She seems to be his preferred, and he often desires to himself that she had been created a boy as they believes that she would have been completely prosperous. Ezinma is her only enduring child, her other eight having died in childhood, and Ekwefi constantly anxieties that she is going to lose Ezinma as well. Ekwefi is good friends with Chielo, the priestess of the empress Agbala. Ekwefi thoughts of Okonkwo will be that this individual very harassing and careless or other people's feeling. As well he seriously didn't value the death of their eight babies. Okonkwo thoughts of Ekewfi happen to be that she is a good mother to their little girl because she actually is always unwell and they can't say for sure when she'll die. The importance of Ekwefi is that she's the second wife of Okonkwo and the mother of terminally ill Ezinma. Also her significance of her part in the account is to keep Okonkwo very happy and lovely to run the village correctly. And Lastly how to keep her child for as long as they can.

Ezinma romantic relationship to Okonkwo is that is his daughter. Ezinma recognizes her dad better than her other siblings. She appears to be his favorite, and he often wants to himself that the girl had been given birth to a boy because he believes that she would have been prosperous. Ezinma is the simply living kid of Ekwefi although the girl bore 10 children. As a result of Ekwefi's wrong doings, she is scared any time Ezinma is sick because the girl expects the child to die as every her different children have got. Her thoughts of Okonkwo is that he is the best father a girl may have despite the fact that she doesn't always have long to have. The thoughts of Okonkwo...