п»їOperating system


It is software that communicates together with the hardware and allows different programs to perform. It is the most critical program that runs on the computer.

This can be a powerful and large program that controls and manages the hardware and also other software on a computer.


It manages the posting of internal memory among multiple applications. That handles input and output to and from fastened hardware equipment such as hard drives, printers and dial-up slots. It directs messages with each application or perhaps interactive consumer about the status of operation and any errors that may occurred. It can offload the management of group jobs so the initiating software is free from this function. It can deal with how to split the program in order that it runs on more than one processor chip at a time.


DOS - Disk Os - major operating systems to get the personal laptop. When you switched the computer in all you found was the command word prompt. House windows - The Windows main system - a product or service of Ms, it is a GUI (graphical end user interface) operating system. This type of " user friendly" operating system is said to have WIMP features: House windows



Pointing system (mouse)

Macintosh OS - Macintosh, a product of Apple - they have its own os with a GUI and WIMP features. Unix - Linux (the COMPUTER version of Unix) -- Unix and Linux were originally made up of a command-line interface yet recently have added GUI enhancements.

Positive aspects:


It is very lightweight and allows direct access to most equipment. It does not have the overhead of a multitasking operating system.


It is easy to use especially for new users and a lot of support resources are available online. It has a large library of available software program, games and utilities.

Apple pc OS

It is a much more protect OS and much less accessible to viruses and malware. They have latest Intel processors and also other best creativity. A Mac can do all the things that only a...