Phase 1: Prompt #2:

This is the first phase of the new and it keeps the very basic principles for the upcoming tale. The significance on this chapter is the fact that we are introduced to the primary protagonist in the novel, Holden, who obviously seems to be dealing with a lot of emotional stress. With no this phase, we would be unable to dig in to Holden's background learn about his drop out by Pencey Prep, him burning off all the equipment's for the fencing crew or the reality his relationship with his close friend is unpleasant. Chapter 2: Prompt #3:

4 Queries:

Why does Holden seem and so close to the Spencer's more than some other people in the school? For what reason can't Holden stand Mr. Spencers condition?

Why is the author giving these kinds of a bad impression of Holden in the beginning, just like he is crazed or emotionally retarded? So why doesn't Holden seem to accept his a lot more going in an undesirable direction? Chapter 3: Quick #1:

Holden is back in the dorm for Pencey Preparation and he decides to sit down and read a book called Out of Africa. However , he can briefly cut off by a pupil next door called Ackley. Holden finds him extremely annoying because of his disgusting hygienic practices. Ackley also retains on asking Holden concerns, which further aggravates him even more. After that, Holden's roommate Stradlater makes its way into and Ackley finally leaves. Chapter some: Prompt #1:

Holden with the bathroom with Stradlater as he is saving. First, he compares right after in Ackley and Stardlater's hygienic practices. They chuckle and Stradlater requests of Holden to accomplish his English language homework, as he will be heading out on a date. However , Stradlater is going away with a young lady that Holden knows, Her Gallagher. Holden seems to just like Jane a whole lot as he recalls his occasions with her. Holden does not like the idea of Stradlater and Jane venturing out. Chapter 5: Prompt #1:

Holden is usually drawn into a snowball fight with other Pencey boys. As soon as they are done, Holden goes out with Mal and Ackley to grab some...