If you look deeper into everyday things, you might find that a few characters or objects in a story represent real-life people or scenarios. When I was a young child, My spouse and i watched the " The Wizard of Oz, ” all the time; nevertheless we viewed it with each other in my U. S. History Class, I realized that the meaning is much much deeper than it seems like. Many of the heroes and significant places or things inside the movie may represent persons, places, points and tips from American history. There are many ways to hook up " The Wizard of Oz, ” to background.

In " The Sorcerer of Oz” Dorothy is an easy girl who have gets swept up in a huge scenario involving wizards, flying monkeys, and many other strange beings. I believe that she symbolizes African Americans and their struggle for flexibility. From the beginning of her quest in the Property of Oz; which could be seen as American is this circumstance, Dorothy faces disapproval through the Witch in the West. The girl, like Photography equipment Americans, as well faces a lot more hardship just before she is accepted. She are required to follow a way that this lady has been advised will business lead her to freedom. This may represent the Underground Train that African American slaves adopted to flexibility. After touring for what may seem like forever for the yellow stone road, Dorothy finally gets to the one that your woman hopes will certainly finally be able to send her home, the Wizard of Oz . This is similar to when President Lincoln subsequently officially removed slavery upon December 18, 1865 and African American slaves could finally be totally free, like Dorothy would be free of Oz plus the Wicked Witch. In the video, nevertheless, the Wizard of Oz still requires an additional task to become completed. This kind of shows the racism and segregation that still took place even after slavery was ended. The work that Dorothy had to full to gain a chance to get home looked like almost impossible in the beginning; to obtain the broom stick in the Wicked Witch. Considering the group she was with; a cowardly lion, a heartless tin guy and a brainless scarecrow, didn't appear to be much support. These heroes however triggered a great achievement of the mission. This number of characters indicates the different groups/races of people in American that all worked together to end slavery and create an almost similar society intended for American citizens. This illustrates once Dorothy finally makes it home to her adoring family whom believe that all she had was a dream.

The Ruby slippers that Dorothy wears can represent several things; I think that they could represent the drag and blood of those whom fought inside the many wars. The house shoes were the color of the bloodstream that ran through all their veins because they fought to get our flexibility. A soldier's blood and flesh certainly are a part of their particular body, just as the ruby household slippers become a part of Dorothy's physique when the Wicked Witch in the West tired to take all of them off her. The ruby slippers can also represent hope. Escaped slaves had wish for a better existence and residence, just like Dorothy had more hope to settle back home once she was wearing the slippers. I actually also think that they could symbolize America as a whole; the house shoes are ruby colored the same as the red in the American Flag. Dorothy and her fresh friends proved helpful as a whole and helped one another to get what each one required. The ruby slippers could also signify the ladies of the twenties that felt beautiful when they embraced a method of their own. General, the dark red slippers can represent a large number of large areas of history, the same as the large position they performed in " The Sorcerer of Ounces ”

In my opinion that the yellowish brick highway represents everyone's personal desired goals in life. Dorothy's trip down this road was filled up with many problems and risks, just as every person's life is stuffed with hardships and challenges. The first obstacle Dorothy found was the shell in the yellowish brick road. If the scarecrow wouldn't have known the right way, Dorothy might have been lost in Oz permanently. Another event that occurred on the yellow brick road was the field of poppies that Dorothy and her friends came upon....