In the Hobbit J. L. R. Tolkien uses stereotypes as a way to show the different competitions in his book. He starts off the story off with the series " In a hole in the ground right now there lived a hobbit. ”(page 1), Hobbits are shown by Tolkien as small creatures who are similar to humans yet roughly 50 percent their scale a regular human. This quotation states that hobbits all live in an expensive hole in the ground and thats stereotyping hobbits. The hobbits are stereotyped to obtain two diners, love very good food, include hair on their feet, not wear shoes, and not choice adventures in any way (one of the bigger stereotypes).

Tolkien created this world (Middle Earth) where there are very different races which in turn all will vary feelings or perhaps stereotypes for every single other just like all goblins have wicked in their hearts or that every elves will be wise. Tolkien's world is similar to todays culture with all the stereotypes about all of the different cultures.

When Thorin first fulfilled Bilbo this individual protested to Gandalf and thought that he was a coward and could just get in the manner over and over, but as it turned out Bilbo was a huge help and even increased to the spotlight every now and then. Bilbo has become the dwarves out of many " sticky” situations.

to summarize, stereotyping is definitely a common part of J. L. R. Tolkien's writing. Stereotyping in The Hobbit was generally just caused by first impressions like when they initially met Bilbo in the Shire. All the different competitions, humans, dwarves, goblins, dragons, elves, every created stereotypes by first thoughts.