1 ) Aorta

Main artery from the body; offering oxygenated blood to the circulatory system installment payments on your Arterioles

Little branches of arteries that would allow someone to enter capillaries

several. Artery

The muscular walled tubes forming part if the circulation system by which blood vessels is communicated from the cardiovascular system to all the parts of the body 5. Bundle of His

Variety of heart muscle tissue specialized intended for electrical conduction 5. Capillaries

Any of the good branching blood vessels that form a network between the arterioles and venules Heart vocabulary:

Inferior veta cava

A huge vein having deoxygenated blood vessels into the heart from the decrease body

Left vorhof des herzens

Receives oxygenated blood in the pulmonary veins

Mitral valve

The valve between the left innenhof and the left ventricle Pulmonary

Of or associated with the lung area

Purkinge fibres

Split in the atria and ventricle wakks; are a one of a kind cardiac end - organ Right innenhof

Deoxygenated blood vessels inters the proper atrium throughout the inferior and superior estrato cavas Septum

A partition separating two chambers of the heart

Sinoatrial node

Tiny body of specialized muscle tissues in the wall structure of the right atrium from the heart that acts as a serenity maker Outstanding vena foso

Large problematic vein carrying deoxygenated blood in to the heart from the head and upper body Tricuspid valve

Also referred to as the attrioventricular valve; stops back blood circulation into the correct atrium Problematic vein

Any of the pontoons forming part of the blood circulation system of the body; carrying in most cases air depleted blood vessels Ventricle

Hollow part of tooth cavity in an organ


Really small vein; especially ones collecting blood from your capillaries