Corona Extra Strategy

Peter G. Johnson

Argosy University


The first time I actually drank a Corona, I believed it was one of the worst beers that I sampled. My friend explained to put a lime in it, and it still tasted terrible. That was fifteen in years past, today, Culminacion is one of the top selling imported beers in the country. From this paper, I will discuss the strategy of Corona Extra and will look with the demographics and talk about the cultural variations and how the Corona Extra Company paid out for those variations. To start, let's discuss a bit about a brief history of the Halo Company. Corona was first brewed in 1925 by Bar Modelo, an organization based in South america City. It wasn't imported to the Usa until 1979. (2011, In. E. Peabody) During my analysis, I have found that Corona Extra has become the number 1 imported ale in the United States, forcing Heineken to second place. Corona Extra has made on its own synonymous with relaxation and having a good time within the beach. When you have seen any one of their advertisements you will see a man and a female sitting within the beach, sometimes they show them on vacation and often they have only finished a difficult day at operate and they are only relaxing in the bar, however the idea is that when you beverage a Halo Extra the flavor relaxes you and you feel you happen to be in Mexico relaxing for the beach. I do believe that the technique that finest describes the Corona Extra Company is a differentiation strategy. It seems that Corona is concentrating on consumers that do not mind paying the extra cost for the good quality product. They have also branched away their original product Halo to try and capture more consumers. They have performed this by simply introducing, Corona Extra, Halo light and Corona Lime green. The idea is always to make an item that gives the buyer the choice of the type of Corona beer that they would like to drink and getting to a broader consumer market. On the webpage, Economy Watch, they...

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