geostrategic position Essay

Geo-Strategic Importance of Pakistan.

Geo strategic means the importance of a country or a location as due to its geographical location. Geo personal is defined as, stressing the affect of geographic factors for the state power, international perform and advantages it derives from its position. Stephen Cohn describes this kind of importance " While history has been unkind to Pakistan, its location has been it is greatest profit. It has reference rich location in the north-west, people full of the north-east. ” Pakistan is a passageway of To the south Asia, Western world Asia and Central Asia, a way via resource useful countries to resource poor countries. The world is facing energy problems and terrorism. Pakistan can be described as route for transportation, and a front line condition against terrorism. Geographical Importance:

Bridge between South Asia and South West Asia; Usa and Afghanistan are energy abundant whilst India and China lack of. China and tiawan finds method to Indian ocean and Arabian Marine through Korakaram. China using its fastest economical growth level of 9%; is expanding its the southern part of provinces mainly because its own port is 4500 km from Sinkiang nevertheless Gawader can be 2500 kilometres away. Pakistan offers to CARs the shortest way of 2600 km in comparison with Iran (4500 km) or perhaps Turkey (5000 km). land locked Afganistan now with the phase of Reconstruction, discovers its techniques through Pakistan. Gawader port with its profound waters attracts the control ships of China, Automobiles and To the south East Asian Countries. ASEAN Monetary Blocs: SAARC, ECO. Serbia is unable to foreign trade its surplus gas and oil to eastern countries. Qatar Pakistan and Turkmenistan Pipeline assignments highlights the position. Pakistan would get 400 big annually in the event IPI gets success. Hill Ranges: Himalayas, Hindu A bag of kush in the North are abundant in providing water and natural resources.

Personal importance: US interests inside the regions to contain the Growing China, elemental Iran, terrorist Afghanistan, also to benefit from the marketplace of India. Security and Business are two primary US interests in the region while Pakistan plays a front side line function against terrorism. Today the political situation of the place is tinged with pre emption policy and ALL OF US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Iran's nuclear program, India's geopolitical muscles(new proper deal with US) to gain the hegemony and counter the ‘The Surge of China' which has gained all the features to change unipolar world into Bipolar globe. In all problems, Pakistan is usually directly or indirectly involved, especially following Al Qaeda operations. The American think tanks have got repeatedly recognized that battle against dread could under no circumstances be gained without the by using a Pakistan. Pakistan has carefully fought, and ongoing armed forces operation in Wazirstan is also targeting the suspected Taliban in the bordering area. Primary threats to Pakistan: Balochistan and Wazirstan conflicts are posing threats to any financial project like IPI gas pipeline. Negative role of India, ALL OF US, Iran in this conflict ridden area. Kashmir is flash point, accelerating nuclear race in the South Asia. Labile governments in Pakistan have got contributed in weakening the strong location.

1 . Introduction

installment payments on your Pakistan location

3. Tactical significance:

a) - Proximity of great power

b) -- Gateway to central Asia- oil and energy game

c) - Significance like a transit economic system

d) - Significance because an important website link in the cycle of Muslim countries e) - Simply Muslim country having nuclear capability

4. Conclusions/ Research


Pakistan can be found at a region which has great political, monetary and strategic location. It has been hub of activities of big powers to get last 20 years. It has experienced intervention of three great forces i-e Great britain, USSR, and USA. It is significance was further improved during frosty war when it becomes ally of US coverage of containment of USSR and now the post chilly war age has witnessed its relevance particularly after the...


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