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Customer Companies Division

* Blue Circle Cement's service actions consist of the Customer Services department and service-related activities which can be integrated in product firms in the different divisions. Buyer Services is definitely separated from the projects organization to make the growth of Customer Providers a clear priority within Blue Circle Concrete and to promote a service lifestyle and mindset. Besides, a different and dedicated Customer Services organization boosts the potential for synergies across Green Circle Cement. Customer Companies is a smartly important business that may differ favorably by projects if it is less cyclical and producing higher profits. It involves all the services, parts supply and improvements that are accomplished before, although and after Green Circle Cement installs a plant and commissions it. The purpose is usually to improve the performance of customers' plants within a safe and sustainable fashion to the maximum standard. Client Services uses 6, 003 people around the world. Material Handling Division

Green Circle Bare cement is firmly placed in the Material Handling industry and offers a total range of products for transporting bulk elements from the my own to their final destination. Bulk elements such as fossil fuel, iron ore and fertilizers are created, conveyed and transported in big amounts. The Material Controlling division presents a complete variety of material controlling technologies that allow each of our customers to convey raw and bulk components. It provides uncooked ore crushing, transport, stacking, blending, storage space and stockyard management, deliver loading/unloading establishments for import and foreign trade of volume materials, and automation and control devices. Furthermore, environmental control devices and engineered drive solutions are portion of the division's profile. The section offers state-of-the-art Material Managing technology, all engineering deals required, manufacturing/fabrication, civil performs,...