Discussion 1 – Cinderella

Respond to the following statements: " Cinderella's happiness is determined by men”. Do you really agree? Why/why not?

The statement " Cinderella's delight depends on men” is both equally true and untrue. Throughout the entire film, Cinderella was very disappointed and very miserable back at her house; her stepmom and stepsisters, Anastasia and Drizella, were always bossing her about. In other words, Cinderella was the cleaning service of the home because she did all of the laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. She has not been allowed to be involved in any activities, and even if the King bought that all the young women in the kingdom must be invited to the ball, Cinderella's family still denied her presence. However , despite all of the unhappiness, she located satisfaction and content once she did, fed the birds, and talked to the animals. Essentially, whenever your woman had a chance to herself to do what your woman wanted to do, she appeared to find pleasure. On the other hand, the statement is true because Cinderella has constantly had her dream moving on and finding happiness, which to me engaged the conference of the prince and falling in love. She sang songs regarding it as well, in which she understood she would find happiness. Even though it may had been unintentional it turned out through males that your woman found joy, it was still a strong response and joy that came from it. When that opportunity came up, she performed exactly that—she instantly fell in love and was immediately cheerful. It is because on this that Cinderella's happiness depends upon men. Your woman barely at any time even spoke to the Knight in shining armor, and yet they got married immediately. This means that with such an on-the-surface relationship, your woman was " happy. ” To me, this really is all merely very naïve and even low, because there is completely zero interesting depth to their appreciate story. The girl essentially discovered happiness by running away from home and having away from her stepfamily to be in his campany her " love. ”