Achievement of students in schools has been the concern of institution authorities. Many solutions have been completely offered in in an attempt to improve the quality of teaching. Some of these prove to be effective for a long time, but afterwards new innovations are launched thus at times affect the teaching-learning situations in the classrooms.

Science subjects are important because this field have greatly benefited mankind in the efforts to improve the quality of life. In view of this kind of, college education plays a huge role in molding the minds, interest, understanding and concern of an individual to organize himself for future years. Recognizing that science makes life much easier and significant, educational institutions, through the mandate in the government, focus its interest on the improve of research and technology in terms of class room instruction at all levels. Scientific research curriculum must be taught regarding how it might develop scientifically literate culture and how it makes an individual more responsive to the needs in the times. Based on observations, science instruction at present placed even more emphasis on the mastery with the subject matter. The moment students performed well in written examinations, professors believe that the essence the lessons has been accomplished, but evaluation should not just be based on created tests although should also include oral and practical examinations to make sure that learning really has taken place.

As researchers happen to be future technology teachers, there is also a desire to know what are the factors that affect student's accomplishment are. The researchers want to perform a thorough research to come up with a possible solution to the condition regarding the technology achievement of freshmen learners. In view of this kind of line of pondering, the present study is encouraged to look into the factors impacting on the achievements of freshmen college students in science that might affect the pupil achievement whether it would be permanently or certainly not.

Background from the Study

The experts will perform this research because according to an intercontinental science examine by Fort (2004) Philippine students performed poorly understand science ideas and theory. These results were maintained other research conducted by (Askali, 1994) (Acuna and Dasilva, 1993) stating that college freshmen students happen to be weak in science. Throughout the fast changing world, persons learned to rely on research for their personal survival and advancement. Person just willingly admits that without such " instrument” as propellers for improvement, this hard work to succeed and achieve would be limited and become made worthless. The concept which the more knowledge a man provides in technology, the greater can be his opportunity for change to advance. It highlights that research is essential to get national advancement progress.

School curricula are supposed to develop the features of students but in accordance to statistics, approximately fewer than 10% high school graduation graduates have skills required to perform acceptable in school level in science courses. Attempting to combat trend, currently, many technology educators will be turning to more ‘hands-on' method to their educating. Instead of having their students memorize long formulas they have them to perform experiments; starting in the early grades it had been going on for a long time wherein professors act as facilitators only.

Many learners believe that scientific research subjects in the freshmen level are hard. In fact a lot of do not just like the subject. This might be attributed to a lot of factors that underlie present student's attitude toward the subject. The educational qualification of the teacher could also serve as an issue that hinders student's frame of mind in their scientific research subject. Pupils find it more interesting to play truancy than to go to classes specifically if the method, strategies or strategies of instructors do not suit the mental potential of the...