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Experiential Learning (Autobiography)

Student Identity: Michael Nyirenda. ID#: UM20316BBU28317.


I used to be born on 14th March, 1973. This was on Saturday and my parent's names are—Mr. Pat C. Nyirenda as my dad and Mrs. Ruth Zulu Nyirenda, my mother. We happen to be a third born child of this Nyirenda family of eight. There is practically nothing much to write down about this friends and family. Dad was obviously a civil servant who was working for the Prisons department. And my mother was just a house partner. Therefore , in terms of I can remember, it was challenging to make ends meet from the mix salary my father was having which was lower than US$1000. 00. Nevertheless, this kind of humble stock of the Nyirendas was a soul filled Christian family. My father retired in 1992 and settled in a plantation in Mpika of the Northern Province of Zambia.

Within our family it includes never been roses through. Death reeleds our family ahead of time and saw my father, each of our first born—Rabson, and the second born—Miriam past about in a space of lower than 5 years. Rabson came to be on fourteenth July 1969. He died on 20th May 2005. Unfortunately, Rabson fathered not any child. Miriam was born in 11th Mar 1971 and she died on twenty third May june 2006. She had not been married, although a single mother with three or more children. These types of children are at this point under my own custodian. It was very disastrous to reduction both my buddy and sibling in the same week. This made me test out the pill of death for the first time. It was an extremely bitter costs to swallow. I continue to recall so far that most detrimental moment around me when daddy died about 20 Apr, 2009. Lifestyle to me nearly lost any kind of meaning in any way! But I shall constantly live to thank Our god for the pastor just like Pastor Edwin G. Phiri who has recently been on my side with my...


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