Purpose: to share with

Audience: mentor, students, average person

Tone: serious and straightforward

Thesis: Children today are not encouraged to use their very own imaginations. Method of development: Exemplification

Organizational way: Emphatic order

My spouse and i. School assessment doesn't motivate original thinking.

A. Tests happen to be objective and standardized

M. More focused in perfect degrees than actually learning

C. Creativity declines because they learn rational right and wrong answers II. Children are " overbooked” and too occupied to play

A. Some universities don't provide recess to students

N. More extracurricular activities

C. Academic pressures from educational institutions

III. School systems not organized to motivate individual thriving A. Standardized testing will not adapt to kid's creative demands B. Music and imaginative academia not really recognized

C. Competitiveness between students; producing a mistake is usually punished 4. Conclusion

A. The education system today is more focused on making productive personnel instead of imaginative thinkers. Children are trained to be afraid of making blunders, to stay uniformed, and to admiration authority. We have a noticeable decrease in creativity over the nation. N. Personal experience


Standardized testing provides gained a lot more attention over the years for causing trouble for the education program. Teachers are noticing a decrease in creative thinking in their college students and parents happen to be noticing a decline within their children's creative expression. The pressure to be correct and not make mistakes is usually taking over a large number of school systems and is setting up a future of unimaginative thinkers. The actual today is the fact kids in schools today are not urged to use their particular creativity. There are numerous reasons behind this kind of such as the standardised testing that is introduced in the school system, students' overbooked and busy schedules, plus the simple fact that school devices today are not properly organized around person flourishing.

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